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Our Beginnings

Founded back in 1992, JobTestPrep - a division of Noam Institude LTD, was initiated to provide job seekers with the resources to adequately prepare for their upcoming interviews and psychometry exams. Since day one, we have worked tirelessly to find a solution for every pre-hire need to help the broadest public possible. Under the ownership and leadership of David Meshulam, JobTestPrep has flourished over the years helping over 500,000 individuals from across the world take their careers to the next level.


David Meshulam

Equipped with a master’s degree in psychology and studies from Auburn University at Montgomery in Alabama and the Air Command and Staff College, David, our founder, has revolutionized the field of test preparation. It is no wonder that job seekers from the US to Europe and from the Middle East to Asia are turning to JobTestPrep for guidance.

The tests developed at JobTestPrep reflect David’s expertise in decision-making in stressful situations, constructed to teach applicants how to curb their anxiety on examination and select the correct answer within seconds.

David Meshulam

 The Goal 

To best aid those in the job-seeking market, JobTestPrep set out to comprehensively study the most prevalently used pre-hire evaluations across the corporate world. As our team began to understand better how companies were testing potential employees, we set out to build pre-hire practice exams to simulate the real tests as closely as possible.

To accomplish our goal, we pooled together the best and brightest team of developers, product managers, and marketers to ensure a range of products that would satisfy clients and boost their success rate in the often intensive and competitive hunt for a job.

 Our Recipe for Success


Stage One:

The process for creating a pre-test that closely mirrors those administered during a live hiring process begins with our team of product managers. Their job is undeniably intensive and involves in-depth research into how tests are scored and formatted. Based on this information, the style of questions are determined and, just as important, the logic and reasoning behind those questions are understood. The goal of our product managers is to provide the framework for which the prep-tests can be created.

Stage Two:

Next, our team of developers take all the information and research compiled by the product managers and begin creating the tests. This team is made up of individuals who have the required expertise, education, experience, creativity, and mental capacity to develop top prep-tests. Our various types of PrePacks™ service the widest possible job-seekers possible, including; major test providers, skill-based semi-tailored packs, and generic packs to cover a wide range of topics.

Stage Three:

Once the product managers and developers have completed their work, its time to get the prep-test into the hands that need them. The ball is now turned over to the marketing team, which plays a dual role. First, they advertise our products making their high quality and usefulness evident to everyone. Secondly, they analyze and track a number of essential metrics like buying habits, demographics, and movements on the websites to further perfect the product.

Stage four:

Lastly, our customer success team fulfills a variety of tasks including, training, support, professional services, and sales. It is their job to make sure that each client gets the ultimate value from the products and that all issues are handled professionally and speedily. Aside from quality assurance, the team also provides the other factions of our company with valuable information helping everyone attain their goals.

The JobTestPrep Advantage
Tailored tests by job level, profession, provider, and employer
Access to timed tests, score reports, and the confidence needed to succeed
Practice anytime, anywhere, from any device
A learning toolbox that goes beyond tests
Solving tips and insights from testing experts
Unbeatable customer service, ready to help you around the clock
People Prepared
Practice Questions
Tailored PrepPacks™
In The News
"If you know what type of questions to expect ahead of time and practice with preparatory tests, your chances of passing improve."
"Test your inductive and logical reasoning at JobTestPrep."
"Ask for information...search for example exercises."
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