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A job at an airline can guarantee you a stable career, good benefits, and a chance to travel the world. The competition is fierce for these in-demand jobs. To ensure that you are a preferred candidate, learn about airlines' hiring process, interviews, and assessment tests. Our Airline Bundle includes preparation material for popular tests such as those taken by candidates at Delta, American Airlines, United, Lufthansa, and Virgin.

What Is the Hiring Process in the Airline Industry?

  1. Submit an online application, your resume, and cover letter. 
  2. Complete a personality assessment: This test attempts to determine if your personality profile will be a good fit for the job and the company to which you are applying. There are other entrance exams that you may have to take as well, detailed below.  
  3. Record a video interview: The same standard questions are asked in all interviews, so you can research these questions beforehand in order to prepare. 
  4. Complete a short phone interview: The purpose of this interview is mainly to verify the information that you provided in your application and pre-recorded video interview. It is part of the basic screening process for job applicants.
  5. Complete an in-person interview: You will be asked to travel to one of the airline's locations. Keep reading to learn more about the in-person interview, a crucial part of your job application process.

Hiring Process for Airlines Industry

What Will I Be Asked in Interviews?

At the interview, you will be asked mainly behavioral questions that focus on your past actions. You should answer questions according to the S.T.A.R. technique:  

  • S: state the situation
  • T: explain your task(s)
  • A: describe the actions you took
  • R: summarize the result

Your interview may be one-on-one or it may be a group interview. Depending on the position to which you are applying, you may be asked technical questions. You may also have to participate in team exercises so that the interviewers can see how you act in a group.

Some tips for your airline interview:

  • Arrive early as it can take some time to pass through security.
  • Dress the part! If you are interviewing for a pilot or cabin crew position, you should wear a suit.
  • You may have to give a presentation during the interview. Practice your public speaking skills beforehand so that you feel comfortable speaking in front of others.

Check out our interview preparation materials, included in the Airline Bundle, for more tips.

What Tests Will I Have to Take?

The psychometric tests that you may have to take depend on the job for which you are applying. You may have to take any of the following assessments:  

  • Mechanical Aptitude Test
  • Spatial Reasoning Test
  • Numerical Reasoning Test
  • Situational Judgment Test
  • Personality Test

Study materials for all of these exams are included in JobTestPrep's Airline Bundle.

Jobs in the Airline Industry

JobTestPrep can help you prepare for the hiring process for any of these positions.

Jobs in the Airline Industry
Pilot Cabin Crew


Customer Service

Flight Attendant

Maintenance & Ramp Agent

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