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 IBEW Practice Test Questions (Electrical Aptitude Test)

The test begins with a math section. The purpose of the math section is to prepare you for the Algebra and Functions section of a test. The mechanical reasoning section is part of the math section and is quite small compared.

The math section includes several different math subjects, including algebra, equations, inequalities, functions, polynomials, and number series. Since a calculator is not allowed on the JATC aptitude test, you should sharpen your basic math skills. Make sure you can perform calculations such as BEDMAS, the four operations, fractions, etc., quickly, and accurately before approaching the following questions.


Math and Mechanical Section - Algebra

IBEW question 1 Functions

1. Which of the following statements is true for this formula?

A. When the value of b is greater than 2, a is negative.
B. When the value of b is less than 2, a is positive.
C. When the value of b is less than -2, a is negative.
D. When the value of b is greater than -2, a is negative.


The correct answer is (C).

If a = ½ b + 1, then a = 0 when b = -2.
Thus, a > 0 when b > -2 and a < 0 when b < -2.
Only answer (C) supports this conclusion. 

2. What is the value of X?

5x – 2x – x = 11 – 2 + 15

A. 4
B. 6
C. 8
D. 12



The correct answer is (D).

5x – 2x – x = 11 – 2 + 15
Combine like terms
3x - x = 9 + 15
Combine like terms
2x = 24
Divide each side by 2.
x = 12

* Multiplication and division precede addition and subtraction.


3. Consider the following function: Y = -2X + 4

Which of the following graphs best represents the function above?


IBEW Question 3 answer A Function


IBEW Question 3 answer B


IBEW Question 3 answer C



The correct answer is (D).

As can be seen from the function, the slope of the line must be negative. Thus, answer (A) can be eliminated. Plug in values to see which of the remaining graphs best fits the function.
According to answer (B), Y = -20 when X = 11. However, according to the function, Y = -18 when X = 11. Thus, answer (B) can be eliminated.
According to answer (C), Y is less than 0 when X = 0. However, according to the function, Y = 4 when X = 0. Thus, answer (C) can be eliminated.
According to answer (D), Y = 0 when X = 2. According to the function, Y = 0 when X = 2. Thus, only answer (D) agrees with this function.


4. Which expression is equivalent to the expression (𝑥 + 5)(𝑥 − 5)?

A. 𝑥2 + 2𝑥 – 25
B. 𝑥2 − 𝑥 – 25
C. 𝑥2 – 5
D. 𝑥2 – 25


 The correct answer is (D).

In this problem, multiply the two factors. To do that, multiply each component in the first factor with each component in the second factor, and sum those products:
(𝑥 + 5)(𝑥 − 5) = 𝑥2 + 5𝑥 − 5𝑥 − 25 = 𝑥2 − 25, and the correct answer is (D).


5. Consider the following table:

IBEW Question 5

Which of the following choices represents the same relationship as demonstrated in this table?

IBEW Question 5 Option A


C. Y is equivalent to the value X.

D. Y = X / 2


The correct answer is (C).

As can be seen from the table, the relationship is Y = X.

Answer (A) is incorrect because in the table when X = 1, Y = 1 and in the graph when X = 1, Y = 6.

Answer (B) is incorrect because in this table when X = 5, Y = 40 instead of 5.

Answer (D) is incorrect because if Y = X / 2, then when X = 1, Y = ½ instead of 1.

Only answer (C) represents the same relationship

Algebra questions are hard and require an understanding of fundamental algebra rules and the ability to solve diverse algebraic problems manually (You are prohibited from using a calculator).

Additionally, there are quick and slow ways to solve algebraic questions. Even if you are confident that you can answer any Algebra question type, you may not know how to do it in 90 seconds (within the test's time limit).

Access the online IBEW practice pack for practice questions that closely simulate the IBEW math questions, test format, and time limit, as well as provide problem-solving techniques to enhance your speed and accuracy.

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Let’s proceed with more examples of the IBEW Math and Mechanical Section’s questions – Number Series Questions.

Math and Mechanical Section – Number Series

6. What would be the next number in the following series?

3 | 3 | 3 | 6 | 3 | 9 | 3 | ?

A.   3

B. 27

C. 12

D. 6


The correct answer is (C).
There are two ways to look at this series:

(1) There are two inner series. each following a different rule:
Odd terms- remain constant: 3.
Even terms- increase by 3:
3+3=6, 6+3=9, 9+3=12.

(2) Another point of view:

IBEW Question 6 answer
The series in this question follows two rules:
(1) The mathematical operations between the terms change in a specific order, x, etc.
(2) Every two steps, the number by which the terms are multiplied or divided increases by 1. 


7. What would be the next number in the following series?

7 | 14 | 28 | 32 | 64 | 128 | ? | ?

A. 257|1128

B. 208|514

C. 132|264

D. 340|686


The answer is (C).

IBEW Question 7 answer

The series repeatedly increases by x2, x2, +4.


TIP: When tackling Number Series questions. Look at the number series and ask yourself:

  • Are the numbers increasing or decreasing?
  • What is the rate of increase or decrease?
  • Is there a pattern?

Remember: The more you familiarize yourself with different Number Series questions and patterns, the more you will improve your ability to recognize different types of patterns and as a result, reduce the amount of time you spend on solving each question.

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Now, let's continue to the mechanical questions, which require different, more specific knowledge. The volume of this part is lower than that of the math questions. Among the subjects you may be asked about are Wheels and Pulleys, how loads are distributed, how to balance loads being hoisted, and basic mechanical principles.

Math and Mechanical Section – Mechanics 

8. The three cogwheels are joined and are moving very quickly. Which wheel is moving faster than the others?

IBEW Question 8

A. 1

B. 2

C. 3


The correct answer is (C).

Wheel 3 is the smallest in diameter, so it will move faster than the others.

The answer is wheel number 3.


9. Three axes are turning each other using straps. Which axis will turn faster?

IBEW Question 9

A. 1

B. 2

C. 3


The correct answer is (B).

In this question, three wheels, each surrounding an axis, are connected by two belts. When two wheels of unequal diameters are combined in a system, the wheel with the larger diameter rotates slower.

The reason is that a larger wheel has a greater circumference and therefore covers a greater distance for every single revolution. In contrast, a smaller wheel must turn more than one revolution to cover the same distance.

In this question, wheel 2 has a smaller diameter than wheels 1 or 3 and will therefore rotate the fastest. The correct answer is B.

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IBEW Score – You might have asked yourself by now: 'What score do I need to ace the hiring process at my local union?'

The standard qualifying score of the IBEW aptitude test is 4/9. However, this score DOES NOT suggest that you must answer 45% of the questions correctly. It means that you need to score in the top 4 out of 9 test takers; meaning your exam score is relative to the scores of other candidates.

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Well done! You finished the Math and Mechanical Section sample questions. Now let’s move to the reading comprehension section.

Candidates often overlook the reading comprehension section of the IBEW Apprenticeship Test because it isn't as intimidating as math. Don't make that mistake. The reading section on the Electrical Aptitude test measures your proficiency in obtaining information from a given text, and determines half your score - ensure you prepare for it properly. 

Reading Comprehension Section

10. A coronary stent is a metal tube placed in the coronary arteries to keep them open to treat coronary heart disease. The cardiologist uses a projectional radiographer to assess the location and estimate the blockage's size by injecting a contrast medium through the guide catheter and viewing blood flow through the downstream coronary arteries. Intravascular ultrasound may be used to assess the lesion's thickness and hardness. The cardiologist uses this information to decide whether to treat the lesion with a stent.

How many electrical medical instruments may the cardiologist use?

A. One

B. Two

C. Three

D. Four


The correct answer is (B).

Notice the question referring to electrical Instruments: "The cardiologist uses a projectional radiographer to assess the location and estimate the blockage size by injecting a contrast medium through the guide catheter and viewing the flow of blood through the downstream coronary arteries. Intravascular ultrasound may be used to assess the lesion's thickness and hardness." – that is, TWO electrical instruments.

Therefore, the answer is B.

11.  Recruiters spend their time building relations with prospective employees or people who could refer them to talent. Social media, in general, has increased the ability to develop and maintain connections with people. Since social media has proved to accelerate relationships and knowledge of these relationships, that information can be better used to support all human resources needs. Social tools can be used to manage compensation, and benefits, acquire talent, groom talent, align employee success with business success, match like-minded employees, and cultivate innovation within the organization.

How can social media tools be employed in HR departments?

A. Compensate workers in case of loss of competencies.

B. Developing innovative applications for social networks.

C. Recruiters can be referred to as potential talents.

D. Further investigate people's private lives for matching.


The correct answer is (C).

According to the passage: "Recruiters spend their time building relations with prospective employees or people who could refer them to talent.

Social media, in general, has increased the ability to build and maintain relations with people." So social media can assist in the task of referring new talent. Answer (A) is incorrect.

Although compensation is mentioned in the passage, it does not say anything about the loss of competencies. (B) and (D) are not mentioned in the passage at all.

Therefore, the answer is C.

12.  Hawkins was puzzled. Quasars are powered by matter that shines fiercely as it swirls into a supermassive black hole, typically billions of times the mass of the sun. Their light does vary, for example, as stars are ripped apart by the black hole's enormous gravity. But these flare-ups make quasars brighten and fade within a few days, not years and decades as Hawkins found.

What happens to a quasar when it enters a black hole?

A. Its light dims.

B. Its light brightens.

C. Its mass changes.

D. It becomes faster.


The correct answer is (B).

According to the passage, "Quasars are powered by matter that shines fiercely as it swirls into a supermassive black hole."

What makes reading comprehension questions difficult is the fact that you're dealing with large blocks of text, sometimes written using complex and misleading language.

When solving a reading comprehension question, don't just skim-read ask yourself questions about what you read. Try to draw conclusions from the text, detect its fallacies, and summarize it in your own words.

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Congratulations! You have successfully completed our IBEW Free Test. Now that you're familiarized with the IBEW Sections and question types and you have been introduced to different solving techniques, it is time to begin your practice and pave the way for you to become an electrician.


How To Ace the IBEW Aptitude Test?

The standard passing score of the IBEW aptitude test is 4/9. However, getting the bar score doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll get to the IBEW union internship since open apprenticeship programs are limited and demand consistently exceeds supply.

Eventually, the IBEW will select the candidates with the highest scores to continue the process, so just passing is not enough. Therefore, for optimal test performance, it is better to prepare appropriately and rise above the competition.


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Frequently Asked Questions


What Is The Difference Between IBEW, NECA, Electrical Training Alliance, NJATC, and JATC?

The International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers (IBEW) and the National Electrical Contractors Association (NECA) form the Electrical Training Alliance (used to name the National Joint Apprenticeship and Training Committee (NJATC). Your path to becoming an electrician goes through passing the IBEW Aptitude Test and (previously JATC Test or NJATC aptitude test).

How Long After Application Do You Get an IBEW Aptitude Test Date?

The application process duration can change depending on the number of applicants for a particular local, applicants report it usually takes around 8-10 weeks.

What Is an Apprenticeship Program?
An apprenticeship program is a paid job where the employee learns and accumulates practical experiences. Alongside on-the-job training, apprentices spend at least 20% of their working hours completing classroom-based learning with a college, university, or training provider, leading to a nationally acknowledged qualification. There are different kinds of internships, depending on the profession. IBEW is the official electrician apprenticeship in America.








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