Virtual Entry Assessment MC 474 (Postal Exam 474) Practice Pack
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Top 5 Most Common Questions About the 474 Postal Exam 

Is the Postal Exam 474 Hard?

The Postal Exam 474 can be challenging, especially its behavioral sections. That's because behavioral questions are tricky in their nature and their correct answers don't stand out immediately. Some questions ask the same but in a different structure to check your consistency, and others are simply confusing.

What is a Good Score on the Assessment?

Any score from 70 and above is a passing score. That said, some positions are more competitive than others or hire only a few new employees, so to be one of the first ones who get invited for an interview, you have to score as high as possible.

I Have Only 72 Hours to Prepare. Is It Enough?

Absolutely yes! Our practice pack was designed in such a way that even a few hours of prep can help you increase your test score. You'll be able to quickly understand what to expect on the test and how to handle every question. Plus, you'll boost your confidence and reduce any test anxiety.

How Can I Be Sure That Your Prep Package Is Legit?

Since April 2019, our 474 Exam preparation package has already been used by hundreds of USPS candidates. It went live only after our Research & Development team verified that the practice materials match the real exam.

We keep an eye for customer feedback and changes the occur on the actual test and keep updating the package frequently.

In fact, in November 2021, the practice pack was updated to match the new exam structure that includes six sections (three of them are new).

And lastly, you receive an ironclad money-back guarantee in case the real 474 Exam is different from our practice tests.

What's in the Preparation Pack?

The Prep Package consists of four categories that match the actual assessment's format and two bonus sections that could be relevant for certain USPS positions, as you can see in the screenshot in the sell box.

The categories are comprised of accurate practice tests with full answers and explanations and detailed PDF study guides.


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