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What Is Talogy?

Talogy, previously Cubiks PSI, is a company that provides talent assessment and management solutions for employers in government agencies and private organizations and companies, including Microsoft, Coca-Cola, and Siemens.  

If you have been invited to take a Talogy assessment test, you need to first find out which one. Below, you’ll find a list of the most common Talogy tests.

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Talogy Assessment Tests

Talogy offers 20 pre-employment assessment tests that are divided into three main groups:

Ability tests

Ability, or aptitude tests explore how you process different kinds of information, such as numerical, verbal, and abstract reasoning.
Talogy provides two kinds of ability tests –

  • Cubiks Logiks –an assessment that focuses on one or three specific cognitive abilities: verbal, numerical, and abstract. There are two versions of the test – intermediate and advanced. You will have 15-25 minutes to complete 20-50 items (depending on the test version). There are substantial differences between Logiks test versions, so it is critical to prepare for the correct version.
  • Mindgage – a cognitive ability gamified assessment that comprises four modules: numerical, mental rotation, perceptual, and verbal. You will have 5-10 minutes to complete each module.

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Personality & Behavioral Tests

Personality and behavioral assessments explore your characteristics and identify your work style, preferences, and motivations.

Talogy provides several kinds of personality and behavioral tests, including –

  • PAPI – a personality test that focuses on your work-related personality and preferred work style. The test consists of 2 parts: PAPI N (Normative) and PAPI I (Ipsative or “forced choice”). You will be asked to address 44-162 statements (depending on the test version). The test is untimed and should take about 30 to 35 minutes to complete.
  • Cubiks Factors+– a shorter version of the PAPI assessment that focuses on different aspects of your personality and how they relate to your work style and preferences. You will be asked to address 54 statements to complete in 10 minutes.
  • Cubiks Caliper – a test that focuses on your cognitive skills and personality traits related to leadership, interpersonal communication, decision-making, and time management. You will be asked to answer 99 questions separated into three sections of personality questions and one section of cognitive questions. The test is untimed and should take about 60 minutes to complete.
    Try a free Caliper test sample
  • 16pf – a personality test that focuses on the qualities and attributes you need to succeed in your professional role. You will be asked to address 10-20 deductive reasoning items (depending on the test version). The test is untimed and should take about 30-40 minutes to complete.
  • Resilience – a questionnaire that measures your psychological resilience, thinking patterns, and capacity to adapt to pressure, challenges, and changes. You will be asked to answer 54 questions. The questionnaire is untimed and should take about 10 minutes to complete.

Situational Judgement Test

True-to-Life assessment that explores your decision-making process and how you respond to work-related scenarios. These tests can include a description of a situation related to your role followed by several possible actions, which you will be asked to rank or rate according to their effectiveness.
Talogy provides several kinds of SJT tests, the most common of which is Dilemmas –

  • Dilemmas – a test that asses your judgment and decision-making when presented with challenging work-related situations.

How to Prepare for the Talogy Assessment Test?

There are various types of Talogy assessment tests; each focus on a different aspect of your abilities and change in structure and duration. However, once you know which test you are about to take, you can prepare in advance by taking as many practice tests as possible.

Our PrepPacks prepares you specifically for the real timed-limited Talogy tests –

  • Cubiks Logiks personality and preference assessment
  • PAPI personally assessment
  • Cubiks Caliper personality and cognitive assessment
  • Cubiks overall package that includes both Logiks and PAPI
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