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JobTestPrep has helped hundreds of thousands of candidates improve their test performance with our customized PrepPacks™ or test preparation packages. For the past 25 years, we have been among the top providers of employment & psychometric test practice resources in the US.

Why be a JobTestPrep partner?

The best job test preparation on the market. Generous commissions. A great combination.

We offer a wide range of products and services that make us the most popular job test preparation service in the industry. Our dedicated affiliate team will work with you to promote our resources to your customers and maximize your commission.

We use cutting-edge affiliate tracking software.

What we offer:

  • Commissions on ANY purchase made resulting from a link from your website, and not just for the product that you are linking to.
  • Incentive programs for large daily traffic volumes.
  • Dedicated account management to help you make the most of your affiliate program.
  • Independent, real-time commission updates.
  • Monthly payments and reports with performance analysis. Tips for optimizing success.
  • Commission starting at 25% for every purchase that comes from your web assets


How does it work?

When you join us as an affiliate, you receive a unique affiliate account where we can track the sales you generate. At the end of every month, we total your commissions and send your money. We also generate a sales and performance report to help you maximize your results.

Do I need to pay to join?

No. Money will always flow one way: from us to you.

Do I need a website to join?

Yes. We offer online preparation services, so it’s critical that you have a website from which to send to us. In order to become an affiliate, you must have a website that we can track your sales from, and pay you.

Who is my target audience?

Your website's target audience should be job-seekers (graduating students, experienced hires, military/police, or any other career that might involve psychometric testing). However, if you feel that you have a relevant website, contact us to discuss partnership options.

Will this hurt my site's SEO?           

We avoid overly promotional advertising that can hurt your site, and you will have complete control over everything that goes on your website. Many affiliates that we work with have experienced positive SEO benefits through the promotional work that we do.

Can I promote JobTestPrep on more than one website?

Yes. The more the merrier! The more links you post, the more chances you can benefit your users with our products, and make an additional commission.

How do you track sales from my website?

We use a third party affiliate tracking software. You can create links that are unique to your affiliate account and they will be automatically tracked. You can independently access your account at any time to keep track of your performance.

How do I keep track of my commissions?

We'll create an account for you on our affiliate tracking software, and you can independently access your account at any time to keep track of referrals and sales.

How will I get paid?

For smaller volumes of sales, we prefer to use PayPal. If you're making large numbers of sales, then we’re happy to accommodate other preferences.

What if I live outside the US?

As long as your website is relevant to our field, we’re happy to partner with you. Many of our customers are based outside of the US.

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