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What Is the Cognify Test?

The Cognify game based assessment is a test that usually is given as part of the hiring process of many companies such as IBM, Australia Police, Fire and Rescue New South Wales (NSW), and Ashurst.

The test comprises up to six mini-games, each timed between 3-5 minutes, with a total of 30 minutes to complete. The games are divided into three cognitive skill sections:

  • Problem-Solving – They measure your ability to learn and solve problems without prior knowledge. Problem-solving skills are predictors of fast learning and success in the workplace. 
  • Numerical Reasoning – Here, you will be measured on your comprehension of mathematical and quantitative concepts. Numerical skills indicate whether you possess the mathematical aptitude to perform daily math-based tasks. 
  • Verbal Reasoning – This section measures your reading and writing abilities, such as spelling and grammar. Verbal skills indicate how well you can identify errors in text.

Studying with our Cognify practice test will help you better understand the goals and complexities of each game.

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Cognify Tally Up Game

This Cognify game features two sets of tokens, each one adds up to a certain value. You have to choose the side with the highest value of tokens or, if they are equal, assign the equal sign. The game consists of 35 rounds – each one with a 5-second time limit to choose the highest or equal value.

Each token is made of different shapes and colors with different values. The total value of each token set is determined by adding the numbers inside each token. The following are different kinds of tokens and their values. 

  • Void Token  marked with a line inside it which means the value is 0 and you should discard them.
  • Multipliers  you can differentiate these tokens since they are embedded within a dashed line. This means each token is worth double its value. 
  • Mega multipliers – this marker is similar to Multipliers. Instead of referring to a specific token, Mega Multipliers encompass an entire token set and double all of its total value.


Here is an example of a simple set of tokens.

Tally Up Game – Cognify Practice Test #1

Which set of tokens is worth more? Or, are the values equal?


The correct answer is the set to the right.

The token set to the right is worth more. If you add each token, the set to the right equals 4, while the one to the left is 5.


Next, is an example of a set of tokens with Multipliers.

Tally Up Game – Cognify Practice Test #2


The correct answer is the set to the left.

After calculating each token, the set to the left is worth 11, while the one to the right is 9. 


What Is the Goal of the Tally Up Game?

Your objective is to score the highest number of points possible.  This game will evaluate your ability to quicky and accurately perform numerical calculations, pay attention to detail under time pressure, and develop strategic thinking. 

💡 You will get more points for each round if you consecutively answer them correctly.

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Cognify Proofit Game

The Proofit game will present you with texts that require proofreading. Each text will have plenty of errors scattered across the document, including punctuation, grammatical errors, missing words, and typos. 

The game consists of five rounds, each with its text and a one-minute time limit. You will have an "Error Remaining" counter where you can see how many errors you have left. Every correct mark is worth one point, and while incorrect errors can end the round early, there is no negative scoring for mistakes. 


Here is an example of a text in our pack.

Proofit Game – Cognify Practice Test #3

This example contains 17 mistakes. Try to spot them all. 

*Our PrepPack includes an interactive version of the test with answers, time constraints, explanations, and expert tips. 


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Take a look at these examples of errors in the text and the interactive qualities of our PrepPack:


What Is the Goal of the Proofit Game?

This game will assess your verbal skills and attention to detail. There are all kinds of errors in each passage, although sometimes they will be obvious to the eye, others will be more subtle and difficult to observe.

💡 Besides playing the simulation in our PrepPack, try practicing your general English knowledge  – vocabulary, grammar, reading comprehension, etc.

Cognify Resemble Game

The Resemble game features two puzzles per sound: a complete "Objective" puzzle on the left and an empty puzzle grid on the right. You have to fill the empty grid using the provided puzzle blocks to match the "Objective" puzzle. In some cases, the "Objective" also features rotation instructions. 

You will be assessed on your ability to match the "Objective" puzzles within a three-minute time limit througout nine rounds. 


Here is an example of a simple puzzle.

Resemble Game – Cognify Practice Test #4

Take a look at the Objective puzzle. 


This will be the empty puzzle grid with three puzzle blocks to complete the grid. 


What Is the Goal of the Resemble Game? 

This game measures your abstract abilities. The game becomes increasingly difficult as rounds continue since you have less time to answer and the "Objective" puzzle may have harder instructions of rotation. 

💡 Some of the rotation instructions require the "Objective" puzzle to be rotated by 90°, 180°, or 270°. You must visualize and replicate the rotated puzzle, adding an extra layer of challenge.

More Cognify Game Based Assessment Games

Although the previous games are the most popular for companies to ask from candidates, there are three more tests that you might face.


Cognify Short Cuts

The Cognify Short Cuts Game will present you with a puzzle in which you must navigate a marble from its starting point to the starred area in the shortest distance possible. The longer the distance, the fewer stars you’ll receive.

On top of that, the game contains a series of obstacles that need to be considered while you make your move, based on the unique rules of the game.

At any point, you can undo your last move or reset the level. You can also skip a level and come back to it later.

The game has 7 rounds to complete in 7 minutes.

To solve the puzzle in the most efficient way, you need to think strategically and decide beforehand which marbles need to move where to reach the stars within the shortest distance. The best way to sharpen your strategic thinking skills is to practice the game’s strategies and understand its difficulties and how to overcome them.


Cognify Gridlock

In the Cognify Gridlock Game, you will be presented with a Tetris-like puzzle in which you need to fit shaped blocks into a grid. You can rotate the blocks to fit into the central grid and insert and extract them as needed.

You’ll have 3 minutes to complete as many puzzles as possible.

To complete the greatest number of puzzles in a limited time, work on maximizing your comprehension speed of the given shapes.


Cognify Numbubbles

In the Cognify Numbubbles Game, you will be presented with a target number and a series of bubbles; each bubble contains a mathematical equation. You need to pop the bubble whose sum matches the target number within a limited time span. Over time, the difficulty of the test will gradually increase.

The game has 10 rounds, 20 seconds each.

This test requires a combination of quick thinking, multi-tasking, numerical skills, and familiarity with the unique structure to succeed.

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What Is the Emotify Test?

The Emotify tests is usually taken alongside the Cognify test, they are both popular gamified Revelian tests. Emotify is a series of game-based tests that evaluates your emotional intelligence (EI). Companies use this test to have a better understanding of your ability to percieve, understand, and manage emotions, predicting success in your desired job. The Emotify test is usually designed for leadership and management roles. 

While Emotify measures your suitability for a role with an emotional intelligence test, Cognify measures your potential with a cognitive aptitude test.

Looking for other pre-employment assessments in Australia? Take a look at our IELTS Exam and PwC Australia Online Tests pages. 

Cognify Score Report

After completing the assessment, you will receive a score report reflecting your performance. The report is divided into two sections:

  • Overall score – a percentage of your performance relative to the score of other employed adults. 
  • Sub-Scores – the percentage of your performance in each of the three sections: Problem Solving, Numerical Reasoning, and Verbal Reasoning. 

The scores are given in a rating of Below Average (0%-19%), average (20%-79%), and Far Above Average (80%-100%). 


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