Free Pulley Practice Questions for Mechanical Aptitude Tests

Familiarity with Pulleys Is important to You

Pulleys questions are very common in mechanical aptitude tests. A basic knowledge of this topic makes them very easy to solve: therefore, by becoming familiar with pulleys, you are guaranteed to score high on your test.

What are Pulleys, Precisely?

A pulley is a simple machine combined of a wheel on an axle and a rope wrapped around it. With a rope and an effort, the pulley can be used for lifting loads. A fixed pulley alters the direction of the applied force: for example, when a man will pull the rope downwards, the load will be elevated. A movable pulley provides a mechanical advantage in lifting, and thus a load would require half the effort in order to be lifted. A combination of both will allow the mechanical advantage along with the directional advantage.

In mechanical aptitude tests, pulleys are considered one-dimentional; therefore, their size and the friction created among their parts are omitted.

Common Pulleys Questions

Usually, you will be required to determine the amount of force required to lift a load.

For example:
What would be the direction and amount of force required to lift the following load?

Typically, most pulley questions may be more complicated than the sample above, and may contain more components or confusing connections. Our practice packs contain a large variety of pulley questions at all levels, so that every aspect of pulleys will become comprehensible to you and grant you the confidence you need in order to take a mechanical aptitude test.

Prepare - Practice Pulley Questions Online

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