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What Is the Amazon Maintenance Technician Test?

The Amazon Maintenance Technician Test is conducted by Amazon as part of the hiring process for the maintenance technician and RME tech positions. Therefore, it is also sometimes called the Amazon RME Maintenance Technician Test.  It assesses understanding and knowledge of mechanical and electrical concepts, using multiple-choice questions.

The test you receive may be one of the three following assessments: 

Format Assessment Name

2.5 hours, 70 questions

The Amazon Ramsay Maintenance Technician Test
55 mins, 70 questions  The Amazon Mechanical Skills Assessment
45 mins, 60 questions  The Wiesen Test of Mechanical Aptitude (WTMA)

Check your test invitation to choose which of these tests to practice, as it should state the duration of the exam. Other maintenance positions on Amazon take other tests, such as a PLC Test, the Control Systems Tech/Lead Assessment or Mechatronics and Robotics Apprenticeship Assessment.

 The Amazon mechanical skills and Wiesen test, on the other hand, assess a more theoretical understanding of these topics and the ability to learn how to use and maintain equipment and machinery based on it. 

Amazon Maintenance Technician Test Sample Questions

The Amazon Ramasay Test 

The Ramsay Amazon test is a unique variation of the well-known Ramsay Mechanical Test, an above-journey-level test covering a wide range of professional topics in the domains of maintenance, mechanics, and electricity.


 Here are some questions adapted from the actual Amazon Ramsay Assessment:

  • Print Reading Sample Question

What will happen if the forward button is pressed and released after a while?

amazon ramsay maintenance test print reading sample question
M1 will start running and keep working even if the forward button is released
M1 will start running and stop when the forward button is released
M2 will start running and keep working even if the forward button is released
M2 will start running and stop when the forward button is released
Correct Answer
Incorrect Answer

The correct answer is A.

Answer choices C and D cannot be true because M2 is not affected.

In this circuit, the forward button is an in-parallel auxiliary connection with M1. This means the forward switch enables M1.

However, when the forward button is released, the M1 connection maintains the current and keeps energizing the forward circuit.


  • Electrical Theory and Control Circuits Sample Question

Identify the relay type shown below:

amazon ramsay maintenance test electrical theory sample question
None of the above
Correct Answer
Incorrect Answer

The correct answer is B.

SPDT is a single pole double throw relay. The schematic diagram of an SPDT is shown below.

There are three terminals:

  • COM (common)
  • NO (normally open)
  • NC (normally closed).

When the relay is OFF, the COM terminal is connected with the NC terminal and when the relay is ON, the COM terminal is connected with the NO terminal. The schematic diagram of SPST (single pole single throw) and DPDT (double pole double throw) are also shown below.

amazon control systems electrical sample question answer


  • Electronics and PLC Sample Question

What is the equivalent Boolean expression for the PLC program below?

amazon maintenance technician test plc sample question
Correct Answer
Incorrect Answer

The correct answer is A.

Below are the steps of analysis:

 More Amazon Ramsay Test sample questions and answers


For a broader perspective on Ramsay technician questions, here's an overview and tutorial video: 

Play Video preview image
Video preview image


Which Questions Can You Expect on Your Ramsay Test? 

The Amazon Maintenance Technician Test comes in three levels:

The two most popular versions are Tech 2 and Tech 3, and they are the focus of this page.


Amazon Maintenance Technician Test 2

The Amazon Maintenance Technician Test 2 contains 75 questions and lasts 2.5 hours. The level of the test is considered an above-journey level test (intermediate). 6 topics are covered:

  • Print Reading (10 questions)
  • Power Transmission and Preventive Maintenance (18 questions)
  • Materials, Tools, and Equipment (5 questions)
  • Pneumatics and Hydraulics (8 questions)
  • Electrical Theory and Control Circuits (22 questions)
  • Test Instruments (12 questions)


Amazon Maintenance Technician Test 3

The Amazon Maintenance Technician Test 3 contains 75 questions and lasts 2.5 hours, similar to the level 2 test. Yet, it is more advanced, considered as an above-journey-level test (advanced).

The traditional 6 topics of the maintenance technician test 2 are covered, with the addition of one random topic:

  • Print Reading (9 questions)
  • Power Transmission and Preventive Maintenance (17 questions)
  • Materials, Tools, and Equipment (4 questions)
  • Pneumatics and Hydraulics (7 questions)
  • Electrical Theory and Control Circuits (20 questions)
  • Test Instruments (11 questions)
  • Additional random topic (most commonly: Electronics and PLC) (7 questions)


  The Wiesen Test of Mechanical Aptitude

Wiesen test questions are likely to appear on the Amazon RME test. RME test questions deal mainly with the following topics:

  • Fluids
  • Optics, Acoustics and Thermodynamics
  • Force and Torque - Levers
  • Force and Torque - Equilibrium
  • Velocity - Acceleration and Gravity
  • Velocity - Rotation
  • Pulleys
  • Wheels
  • Gears
  • Electricity 

For example: 

Wiesen Test of Mechanical Aptitude Sample Question 3
Correct Answer
Incorrect Answer

The answer to this question is that both balls will hit the floor at the same time.

The physical principle behind this is that free-falling speed does not depend on the mass of the element, and each object falls at the same rate.


Questions on this test often incorporate everyday objects like furniture, home appliances, and working tools.

Although helpful in many cases, that strategy also tends to create a false feeling of familiarity among test-takers, who give an intuition-based answer and often go wrong.

For example, try the following Wiesen test sample question:

Wiesen Test of Mechanical Aptitude Sample Question 1


Correct Answer
Incorrect Answer


This question is a classic case of the trap of intuition.

Kettle B is higher and has a larger volume and initially seems as if it can contain more water. However, the kettle can only contain water to the height of the spout before it starts pouring out. The spout at kettle B is shorter, and the total water height can be lower than in kettle A.

Wiesen Test of Mechanical Aptitude Sample Question 1 Explanation


To ensure you are confident when answering any physical and mechanical problem presented in the test, it is highly recommended to refresh basic concepts and practice these kinds of questions. 

Practice Questions Tailored for Your Amazon Maintenance Test

Our preparation pack includes accurate practice for any version of the Amazon Maintenance Technician Test:

  • Mock tests for Amazon's Ramsay Maintenance Technician test the Amazon Mechanical Skills Assessment, and the Wiesen test of mechanical Aptitude. 
  • Topic-specific practice tests to sharpen relevant mechanical & electrical knowledge for each test. 
  • Mechanical study guides.

 For additional practice, check out our comprehensive Free Aptitude Tests Page

Test Administration

After passing the resume stage, you will receive an email from Amazon, requesting you to schedule the Amazon Maintenance Technician Assessment or the Amazon RME Assessment within the next five days.

The scheduling process is done with a third part company named ADIA. They will normally contact you within 24 hours of the initial email by Amazon.

Here’s what you’ll need for the test:

  • A Computer (the test cannot be taken on mobile devices)
  • A web camera
  • Microphone
  • Headphones / speakers
  • A government-issued photo ID

During the test, you will be allowed to use some scratch paper and a pen, and a non-scientific, on-screen calculator implemented in the test interface.

Amazon Ramsay Test Proctoring – ADIA

ADIA is the company responsible for scheduling and proctoring your test with Amazon. It is NOT the test provider, which is Ramsay Corporation.

Once you log into the testing systems through ADIA’s secured server, A human supervisor will view both your screen and you in person throughout the entire test.

How to Prepare for the Amazon Ramsay Maintenance Test and Pass

Here are the three top tips for passing your Amazon Maintenance Tech Test:


Tip #1 – Focus Your Prep

You will have only five days to prepare. Focus on the big topics first to maximize your score.

As you have seen on the test topic list, three sub-topics constitute nearly 65% of the test questions:

  • Power Transmission and Preventive Maintenance
  • Electrical Theory and Control Circuits
  • Test Instruments

Given the very short time you have to prepare, and considering the vast scope of the test material, you must focus on the larger areas first.


Tip #2 – Be Prepared for Low-Hanging Fruits

Set some time to refresh your memory on basic topics – Ohm’s law, circuit analysis, etc.

Every now and again, the Amazon Maintenance Test will present you with low-hanging fruit – a really basic question about topics such as Ohm’s law, parallel and series circuits, basic math, etc.

These are precious test points you cannot afford yourself to lose!

There is also a theory going around that Amazon uses these simple questions as an “absolute threshold” and failing them will get you instantly disqualified.

I don’t know if that is the case, but definitely wouldn’t want to find out…


Tip #3 – Always Keep Troubleshooting in Mind

Whenever you study a practice question, try to think of ways this knowledge could be helpful in the case of troubleshooting, as Amazon is particularly fond of this topic.

The maintenance technician’s job is, basically, to troubleshoot. You will be expected to be able to locate and solve mechanical and electrical problems in a wide variety of mechanisms.

As such, Amazon incorporates troubleshooting questions into each and every one of the test sections. Always consider the things you have learned in a “troubleshooting” context as well.

Amazon Maintenance Technician/RME Interview

If you have successfully passed the Amazon maintenance tech test, you will be contacted by an Amazon recruiter to schedule an interview.

As in all of its positions, the interview of maintenance technicians focuses on two fundamental concepts:

Amazon’s Leadership Principles

According to Amazon, their leadership principles aim to set a standard for all Amazon workers. They constitute the norms and behaviors expected from Amazon employees.

S.T.A.R Method

The S.T.A.R method stands for Situation/Task, Action, Results.

As such, each of Amazon’s interview questions will follow this format, which they state quite clearly:

  1. Describe a SITUATION at work from your past experience.
  2. What actions did you take?
  3. What were the results of your action and how were they measured?

Learn more about the S.T.A.R method.

Other Amazon Maintenance Tests

Amazon is a great fan of assessments for its hiring process and has a very specific set of tests for its maintenance jobs. Here is a list of the most popular ones:

Amazon Control Systems Tech/Lead Assessment

This test is conducted to control systems technicians and team leads in Amazon. With 8 categories overall, it focuses much more on electronics, PLC, and controls than the Amazon Maintenance Technician Test.

Amazon Mechatronics and Robotics Apprentice Skills Battery

The Amazon Mechatronics and Robotics Apprenticeship (MRA) Assessment is also conducted by Ramsay. It is a 52-question test that contains 48 questions on four topics:

  • Reading - 24 questions in 24 minutes
  • Arithmetic -20 questions in 30 minutes
  • Print Reading and Measurement - 20 questions in 20 minutes
  • Multicraft Principles and Troubleshooting - 20 questions in 30 minutes


Did not find the test you are looking for? Check out the complete guide for Amazon Assessments.

Third-Party Employers That Use the Amazon Ramsay Test

There are a few third-party companies, such as JLL, CBRE, and C&W, that provide recruitment services to Amazon. These companies also use the Amazon Ramsay test to screen candidates for various maintenance roles at Amazon.

Amazon Maintenance Jobs FAQ

How to Get a Maintenance Job at Amazon?

First, apply to one of the hundreds of open positions found on the Amazon Facilities, Maintenance, & Real Estate job board. Make sure your resume fits the job requirements so the ATS system can shortlist your application. If there’s a match, you’ll be invited to take a Ramsay Mechanical Test (tech 1, 2, or 3). After passing it successfully, you’ll get an invitation to participate in a face-to-face interview, which represents the final hiring stage.

How Much Do Amazon Maintenance Technicians Make?

The average hourly salary for Amazon maintenance technicians is $26.45, making it around $55K per year.

How to Study for Amazon Maintenance Assessment?

The best way to study for the Amazon maintenance technician assessment is by practicing the same question types you’ll face on the real Ramsay tests. The subjects vary across the different Amazon tech tests (1, 2, and 3) and include Print Reading, Preventive Maintenance, Hydraulics, Electronics, PLC, and many more.

The PrepPack™ found on this page offers you a thorough preparation for Amazon’s Ramsay tests. It consists of accurate practice tests with step-by-step explanations, extra drills to strengthen your mechanical skills, and useful PDF study guides.

About the Amazon Ramsay Test Provider – Ramsay Corporation

The Amazon Maintenance Tech tests are conducted for Amazon by Ramsay Corporation (often misspelled Ramsey). Therefore, it is often referred to as Amazon Ramsay Test or Amazon Ramsay Maintenance Technician Test.

All these names refer to the same test, which is an adaptation of Ramsay's off-the-shelf product, the Ramsay Mechanical Test.

Ramsay Corporation is the world’s top provider for professional and technical assessments. Besides Amazon, big employers such as Walmart and USPS also use Ramsay maintenance tests to screen for technical positions.



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