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What Is the Walmart Maintenance Test?

The Walmart Maintenance Test is the second assessment in the Walmart maintenance technician hiring process, preceded by the Walmart Supply Chain Associate Assessment. It assesses your knowledge and skills in various mechanical and electrical maintenance topics. The test is conducted by Ramsay Corporation and follows the content areas and formatting of the well-known Ramsay MultiCraft Test.

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Next, explore our 7 free sample questions that span all the test sections, followed by a concise overview highlighting key aspects of the test, from score requirements and essential assessment tips to FAQs.

Sample Questions with Solutions

Below you will find 7 sample questions, one for each section of the Walmart Maintenance Technician Test. All questions and answers are adapted from actual Ramsay maintenance technicians' tests.


Hydraulics and Pneumatics

Which type of valve should be used when a precise, low flow is required?

A. Check
B. Needle
C. Gate
D. Both A and B
Correct Answer
Incorrect Answer

The correct answer is B.

A needle valve is constructed as an elongated, narrow plunger inside a small port. This structure enables the valve to regulate the flow with high precision. However, it is not capable of withstanding high pressure.

A check valve is a valve that enables flow in only one direction, using a ball, a piston, or a spring-loaded flapper.

A gate valve operates by lifting a gate from the path of the fluid. These gates are planar and are mostly used with high-volume, unrestricted flow.


Welding and Rigging

The advantage of intermittent welding is that it is:

A. Stronger
B. More economical
C. Easier to repair in case of failure
D. B and C
Correct Answer
Incorrect Answer

The correct answer is D.

Intermittent welding is a joint welding technique where the fillet weld is done non-continuously.

Apart from the fact that it’s more economical (since less energy and materials are used), it is also easier to repair.

Since the welding is not continuous, in a case of failure, only a small part of the welding is broken before the strain is released, thus making it easier to repair. Had the welding been continuous, the entire joint would have been torn apart, requiring the re-welding of the entire joint.

Naturally, for the very same reason, intermittent welding is not as strong as full welding.


Power Transmission, Lubrication, Mechanical Maintenance and Shop Machines, Tools, and Equipment

What is the aim of flexible couplings?

A. Reduce load from the motor
B. Allow shaft misalignment
C. Installation at various machinery parts
D. Amplify torque
Correct Answer
Incorrect Answer

The correct answer is B.

The aim of flexible couplings (such as universal joints or Oldham couplings) is to allow a certain degree of misalignment between connected shafts (it may be an axial, lateral, or angular misalignment). Rigid couplings, on the other hand, require absolute alignment between shafts and are somewhat limited in that manner.

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Pumps, Piping, and Combustion

Coolant leakage into the engine cylinders is most likely to occur because of which defective equipment?

A. Manifold gasket
B. Cylinder head gasket
C. Water pump
D. Shaft seal
Correct Answer
Incorrect Answer

The correct answer is B.

A cylinder head gasket is a seal that is fitted between the piston cylinder head and the engine block, installed in internal combustion engines. A defective gasket will cause leakage of fluids such as coolant or engine oil into the cylinders. In such cases, efficiency is reduced and combustion is compromised.


Motors, Control Circuits, Schematics, and Print Reading

What will happen if the forward button is pressed and released after a while?

amazon ramsay maintenance test print reading sample question


Digital Electronics, Power Supplies, Computers, PLC, and Test Instruments

What is the equivalent Boolean expression for the PLC program below?

amazon control systems plc sample question
Correct Answer
Incorrect Answer

The correct answer is A.

Below are the steps of analysis:



Basic AC and DC Theory, Power Distribution, and Electrical Maintenance

In a 110V electrical system, there are three appliances: appliance A (550W) appliance B (770W), and appliance C (330W). Given that all appliances operate simultaneously, what is the minimum required fuse rating?

A. 30A
B. 25A
C. 20A
D. 15A
Correct Answer
Incorrect Answer

The correct answer is C.

The minimal fuse rating should be higher than the normal operating current of the system. Since an electrical system is connected in parallel, the total current in the system when all three appliances are working is the sum of all three.

The current consumption of each appliance is calculated by:

I = P/V


  • I = Current [Ampere]
  • P = Power [Watt]
  • V = Voltage [Volt]


  • Appliance A consumes 550/110 = 5A
  • Appliance B consumes 770/110 = 7A
  • Appliance C consumes 330/110 = 3A

The total current in the system is 5 + 7 + 3 = 15A

In order to withstand normal working conditions, the minimal fuse amperage rating must be greater than 15A, thus 20A.


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How Is the Walmart Maintenance Test Scored?

The scoring method of the Walmart Ramsay Test is similar to that of all Ramsay tests, such as the Ramsay Maintenance Test, the Ramsay Electrical Test, or the Amazon Tech Test.

You receive a score for each category, compared with the qualification standard set by Ramsay Corporation. Then, your overall score is calculated based on the relative weight of each category. You may receive one of two scores:

  • Competitive/Qualified – You have passed the test.
  • Non-Competitive/Non-Qualified – You have failed the test.

Note that a “Competitive” score does not mean that you will automatically continue to the next stage of the hiring process – as demand is very high for many positions, Walmart will usually select only the top candidates.

Here is a sample from an actual Walmart DC Maintenance Technician score report:

Walmart Maintenance Test Score Report

To maximize your chances of passing, you should aim at the highest possible score in general, but also in each and every section separately. We'll discuss that more in-depth in the tips section below.

How to Pass the Walmart General Maintenance Test to Get the Job

While the Walmart General Maintenance Test is a knowledge test, this alone is often not enough. The huge variety of topics and sub-topics in this test makes it essential to prepare ahead of time and effectively.

Here are 3 tips for effective preparation for the Walmart Maintenance Test:


  • Tip #1 - Focus on the Big Parts

On the Walmart Maintenance Test, some topics are more common than others. That fact is not only true for the topics, but for the sub-topics as well.

For instance, bearings are one of the most frequent sub-topics in the power transmission test category, while cylinders are very common in the hydraulics category. Knowing where to put your prep focus in advance will yield a higher score and chances to choose the correct answer in the relevant category, and in the test in general.

The practice tests of the Walmart Maintenance Test Practice Pack put emphasis on the actual test's most frequent topics and sub-topics.


  • Tip #2 - Don't Forget the Theory


That is a common mistake experienced candidates make. Day-to-day maintenance work rarely requires theoretical knowledge, and this knowledge tends to be forgotten over the years.

However, the Walmart Maintenance Technician Test will assess both your practical AND theoretical knowledge, so make sure you are prepared for that aspect as well.

The varios practice tests and questions on the Walmart Maintenance Test Practice Pack cover both practical and theoretical aspects. PDF study guides provide an extra theoretical background on the topics where it is needed the most.


  • Tip #3 - Use Full-Length Simulations


You remember that I previously noted that knowing the material is often not enough. To be fully prepared for any test (and the Walmart General Maintenance Test is no exception), you need to know, well, the test by taking practice tests.

Being familiar with the question structure, time constraints, and formatting will often be precisely the edge you need (remember that you will be compared to other candidates when Walmart decides whether to take you on to the next stage).

That is a benefit only actual test simulations can give you.

The Walmart Maintenance Test PrepPack contains mock tests simulating the actual test in content areas, time constraints, and formatting.

Walmart General Maintenance Test FAQs

Are there alternative names for the Walmart Maintenance Technician Test?

The Walmart Maintenance Assessment may sometimes be referred to as:

  • Walmart General Maintenance Test
  • Walmart DC Maintenance Technician Test
  • Walmart Technical Maintenance Assessment
  • Walmart Maintenance Assessment Test

All these names refer to the same test, conducted for Walmart by Ramsay Corporation.

I scored “competitive” on the Walmart DC maintenance assessment test. What does this mean?

When you complete the test, your result will be termed "Competitive" for a successful exam, and "Non-Competitive" for an assessment that has not passed.

I learned these maintenance test topics long time ago and already forgot some of them. Can this practice help me refresh my knowledge?

Of course! Every practice question is coupled with a thorough explanation that includes all the answers and general knowledge needed to solve the problem.

Moreover, you’ll get study guides that dive deep into mechanical and electrical concepts so you’d be able to get a good grasp of the material.

I have job experience in maintenance, but I think I’m a bad test-taker. Can you help me with that?

Yes. JobTestPrep has been helping over 1 million job candidates pass their assessments since 1992, so we have vast experience in this area. Your practice will be packed with dozens of solving tips to answer questions efficiently and improve your test-taking skills. Also, you’ll get timed simulations to teach you how to work well under time pressure.

What to do if I encounter technical difficulties or need a practice advice?

If you encounter technical problems with your preparation pack, you can always contact our helpful customer support via email, chat, or phone and they will answer you shortly.

If you have any professional questions or you need any advice regarding your upcoming assessment test, feel free to send me an email at I’ll be more than happy to help you.

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