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What is Aon smartPredict Assessment?

Aon’s smartPredict assessment is comprised of 4 gamified challenges - Switch, Grid, Digit, and Motion challenges. These “games” are short, each of them lasting between 5 to 9 minutes.

switchChallenge Practice Question

The switchChallenge, also known as the cut-e Scales sx, evaluates your deductive-logical thinking skills using abstract figures. These figures undergo a sequence change via a funnel or operator. Typically, you have 6 minutes to answer as many questions as possible, although some versions of the test allow only 3 minutes.

Each question presents you with two (and sometimes three in more challenging levels) rows of symbols. Your task is to identify the correct operator that accounts for the alteration in the sequence of the symbols.

To grasp this challenge more effectively, it's beneficial to review a sample question and its explanation, as provided in our switch challenge practice test.

Question: Which operator is needed?

P&G Assessment sample question
A. 3214
B. 4131
C. 2341
D. 3241
Correct Answer
Incorrect Answer

The correct answer is (C).

This puzzle features two rows of symbols with an absent operator that rearranges the symbols from the top row into a new sequence in the bottom row. The operator's digits correspond to the original positions of the symbols in the top row before rearrangement. To solve the puzzle, begin by identifying the first symbol in the bottom row. Locate this symbol in the top row; its position in the top row represents the first digit of the missing operator.

P&G Online Assessment Switch Challenge Sample Question Answer

In this example, consider a triangle located first in the lower row. Its corresponding position in the upper row is second. Therefore, the first digit of the sequence is 2. This leads you to select the answer 2341, as it is the only one beginning with 2.

If further clarification is needed, proceed with the next symbol in the lower row, a heart. Determine its position in the upper row, which is third, making the second digit of the sequence 3. The third symbol, a star, is located fourth in the upper row, so the sequence's next digit is 4. Finally, the fourth symbol, a circle, is first in the upper row, making the last digit of the sequence 1.

The correct operator is 2341.

The explanation provided earlier details that the operator, comprising four numbers, rearranges the symbols in the top row into a new sequence in the bottom row. Each number in the operator corresponds to the original position of the symbol directly below it before the rearrangement. To solve this, you must identify the correct operator (from three options) that reordered the symbols following this rule.

Understanding the Switch Challenge solely from text can be challenging. However, engaging in hands-on practice significantly simplifies the task. It's important to note that the Switch Challenge increases in difficulty with each level, presenting more complex scenarios. The example given is from the first level of questions. Our practice materials are designed to help you master all levels of the Switch Challenge.


The Grid Challenge is designed to evaluate executive attention skills. This test includes a variety of tasks that blend memory and spatial orientation challenges.

Initially, you're shown a grid with dots, one of which is highlighted. Your job is to memorize the location of this dot. Next, you'll face a quick question about basic symmetry – you'll need to determine if a given image is symmetrical. Following this, the grid reappears with a different highlighted dot. The test progresses in this manner, alternating between showing 3 to 5 dots and interspersing questions about symmetry and rotation. The objective is to accurately answer the questions while keeping track of the dots' locations and the sequence in which they appear.

The upcoming video will provide a demonstration of our interactive grid challenge practice test:

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Video preview image


The Digit Challenge is an assessment of fundamental mathematical abilities, focusing primarily on the three basic operations: addition, subtraction, and multiplication. Rather than presenting direct questions, this challenge offers a unique approach: participants are given the solution first and then tasked with filling in the missing numbers to complete the equation.

Experience it firsthand to understand the process better:

Play Video preview image
Video preview image


motionChallenge - Coming Soon

The Motion Challenge evaluates your capability for planning. This interactive test bears a strong resemblance to the classic "Rush Hour" sliding blocks game. Currently, we are not providing preparatory material for this challenge, but efforts are underway to soon equip you with appropriate practice resources.

Prepare for the Switch, Grid, Digit
and Motion Challenges

The Aon smartPredict PrepPack is designed to thoroughly prepare you for the online assessment, providing a comprehensive preview of the various challenges. It includes practice tests and study guides across all subjects, with the motion challenge material arriving shortly.

Taking your time to prepare is crucial, as these challenges are unique and unlike anything you've faced before.

Included in the PrepPack are:

  • An innovative interactive Digit Challenge practice offering endless scenario variations
  • A Switch Challenge practice test featuring questions of varying difficulty
  • A unique, new interactive Grid Challenge practice, exclusive to this pack
  • PDF study guides for both the Switch Challenge and Grid Challenge
  • 11 additional practice tests to enhance your mathematical and reasoning abilities
  • Upcoming practice material for the Motion Challenge

Acquainting yourself with the test format beforehand significantly boosts your chances of success and engaging in practice with similar gamified questions provides a substantial edge over your competitors.


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