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Practice Questions for the P&G Aptitude Tests

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The P&G Online Tests are integral to the company's recruitment process. Whether you are applying for P&G graduate programs or an experienced position, the assessment will present a significant challenge.

Below, you will find a series of P&G Assessment practice test questions. An example will represent each assessment test. To learn more about specific assessment tests provided by P&G, navigate using the menu on the right.

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Switch Challenge Practice

  • You have 6 minutes to answer as many questions as you can.
  • Questions become progressively more difficult.

The Switch Challenge questions in the P&G assessment test contain four symbols that change their order according to an operator. Your task is to transform the input shape sequence (numbered from left to right) into the output shape sequence using a four-digit operator. Each digit in the operator corresponds to the previous position of each shape before it was altered. The new order of the shapes' positions aligns with the digits in the operator. For each question, you'll choose one or more operators that match the changes in the shape order.


  • P&G Practice Test Question 1 - Switch Challenge

proctor and gamble free sample 1

What is the correct operator?

A. 3142

B. 3214

C. 4312


The correct operator is c. 4312.

Let's explain:

The order of the first sequence of symbols at the top is 1 yellow hexagon, 2 purple triangles, 3 blue stars, and 4 red rhombuses. 

The operators (number sequences) between the two symbol series indicate what the new order will be, i.e., where each symbol will be placed. We need to see if the order in the operator matches the order in the second series of symbols.

We can see that number four (red rhombus) is now first in the second sequence, and since the operator 4312 indicates just that, we can tell it is the correct operator without even checking the rest of the shapes. 

  • P&G Practice Test Question 2 - Switch Challenge

proctor and gamble free sample 2

 What is the correct operator?

A. 3124

B. 1342

C. 4213


The correct answer is c. 4213.

This question is more difficult and appears in higher levels reached as you solve more questions correctly.

In this question, we need to consider two operators - each one reordering the symbols. To solve this question we need to work in two steps:

First, we need to reorder the symbols according to the first operator and hold that new order in mind.
Second, based on the new order, we check which of the second operators leads to the order in the second set of symbols.
Let's look at the yellow hexagon: in the first sequence, it is number 4. The green operator then puts the yellow hexagon in third place. When we see that in the second sequence, the yellow hexagon is in the number 4 position, we know that the correct operator must have the number three in the fourth position - which is why the 4213 operator is correct.

To recap - the yellow hexagon's position in the sequence goes from 4 to 3 and then back to 4.

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TIP: For these complex Switch challenge questions, follow one shape at a time from the bottom-up or top-down through its new placement after each operator. Then eliminate the answers that do not fit.

The switch challenge is a game-based assessment. These tests assess your cognitive ability by measuring your performance at a game-like task. Other game-based assessments include Pymetrics, Arctic Shores, and the Cognitfy Test.

Learn more about the P&G Switch challenge with our full guide

Full Procter and Gamble Assessment Gamified Tests

The Switch Challenge is specifically designed to overload your short-term memory, and with the stressful time limit, you can easily become overwhelmed. The best way to prepare for this test is by practicing a test as close as possible to the actual P&G Switch Challenge questions, with the same time limit and varied questions that become progressively harder. For this purpose, we have created exclusive interactive P&G practice tests, simulating the exact same test format. 

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Let´s continue with the Digit Challenge, which will challenge your numerical abilities

Digit Challenge Practice

  • You have 5 minutes to answer as many questions as you can. 
  • Keep in mind that there is more than one right answer in most cases!

The Digit Challenge is a numeracy test that aims to examine your ability to perform numerical calculations quickly and accurately. You will be presented with math problems including a predetermined result, blank spaces, and operators. Your objective is to discover a digit combination that can fill the empty spaces and make the mathematical expression accurate.


  • P&G Practice Test Question 3 - Digit Challenge

Find the numbers that make the equation work. Remember - in the real P&G test you will be timed!

proctor and gamble free sample


As mentioned earlier, digit challenge questions usually have more than one answer - especially in the lower level. 

This question is taken from the intermediate difficulty level, and we see that we must find four numbers that can fit into the empty spaces and be equal to 7. 

A number of options: 




  • P&G Practice Test Question 4 - Digit Challenge 

proctor and gamble free sample digit 2


This is a more complex question, taken from the more advanced levels of the digit challenge (it gets more difficult too, don't worry!).

Here we have a three-digit number on the right of the equation and three missing numbers, each connected by multiplication. 

A good way of solving these questions is keeping it simple - use the smallest numbers you can!

In this case, we can think of what number multiplied by 2 equals 112 and how to create that number by multiplication. 112 equals 56*2, and 56 equals 7*8.

If so - 7*8*2=112. 

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TIP: Remember that each digit can only be used once. When trying out different number combinations, try using even numbers or round numbers first.

This part of the assessment test comprises a calculation test. Similar tasks can be found on the SHL calculation Test or the Optiver Test.

The P&G Digit Challenge is not to be confused with the Pymetrics Digits Game, although they are both gamified assessments.

Learn more about the P&G Digit Challenge with our full guide.  

Digit Challenge Video

Our P&G Interactive Assessment PrepPack is tailored to the actual test. This way you will be able to practice with 200+ examples and get familiar with the interactive format. JobTestPrep is the leading provider of interactive tests that will most accurately give examples to practice for the P&G assessment. You can access interactive practice tests and comprehensive study guides for only $79

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Video preview image


Now we will practice the last gamified test, the Grid Challenge. It will test two different skills: memory and spatial ability.

Grid Challenge Practice  

  • There are 3 sections and you have 3 minutes to complete each one. 
  • This test measures your short-term memory and your spatial orientation skills.

In each round, you will be presented with a memorization question followed by a spatial orientation question. The memorization question requires you to memorize the location of a colored dot on a grid. The spatial orientation question requires you to determine whether two grids of dots are identical, rotated, or mirrored. The Grid Challenge is a timed test, and the difficulty of the questions increases as you progress. Take a look at the following video to better understand the test and then try answering the questions below. 


  • P&G Practice Test Question 5 - Grid Challenge

Show Map
Memory Task -1

Remember which dot is marked before continuing. You will be asked in the end.

Symmetry: these types of questions will contain two grids with a line dividing between them. You have to determine whether the grids are symmetrical or not, such as the following. 

Is it symmetrical?





There's a missing dot on the left box in the 6th line, therefore they are not identical.

Show Map
Memory Task - 2

Remember which dot is marked before continuing. You will be asked in the end.

Rotation: For these questions, you need to determine whether the right and left grids are identical, only rotated.

Is it identical but rotated?





The shapes are not identical since the diagonal "line" is identical, while the horizontals are not. Therefore, when rotated, the diagonal line will change direction.

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TIP: When presented with the map of dots and needing to memorize the position of the highlighted one, try to put the place of the dot into words. Spatial orientation questions will interrupt your visual memory but will not your verbal memory. It might be easier to remember the position of the dot according to the sentence you created rather than rely on visual memory. Repeat the sentence in your head several times until time is up.

Show Map
Memory Tasl - 3

Remember which dot is marked before continuing. You will be asked in the end.

Combination: Each question will contain three grids and you must determine whether the bottom grid is the "result" of the combination of the two top grids. 

Is this correct?





When putting both shapes together, they create the third shape, it shows exactly the same lines. 

Where on the grid and in which order did the dots appear? 



Learn more about the interactive Grid Challenge.

The Grid Challenge is the last step of the interactive assessment. Now, let's continue with the PEAK Performance Assessment, which is a type of personality and situational judgment test

PEAK Performance Assessment Practice Questions 

  • The test has no time limit but usually takes around 20 minutes. 
  • The questions are multiple-choice, but the question types vary. 

The PEAK Performance Assessment is a comprehensive evaluation of your personality, work style, and experience designed to assess your compatibility with the position and the P&G organization. It combines situational judgment, personality, leadership, and motivation questions to provide a holistic view of your potential.

The PEAK Performance Test requires a combination of honesty and strategy. You certainly do not want to be disingenuous on this assessment test, but you want to make sure your best self shines through both the personality and the situational judgement test questions.

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TIP: When answering the PEAK Performance Test keep in mind the P&G values that include - integrity and trust, leadership, ownership, passion for winning, innovative and critical thinking, and strategy-based planning. 

  • P&G Practice Test Question 6 - PEAK Assessment

John is a well-respected manager in the firm. He has a lot of experience and has been with the organization for a long time. Unfortunately, John was recently caught taking refreshments from the snack bar without paying for them. He was warned that he could be dismissed if he continued to behave in this manner. However, someone noticed John getting more refreshments from the snack bar last week before heading home. 

What would you do in this situation?

A. Fire John because he stole from the company

B. Give John another warning and inform him that if his behavior persists, he will be fired

C. Since John is a well respected and skilled employee, it is best not to intervene

D. Demand John pays for the refreshment he was seen taking

E. Talk to John and clarify why it's critical for him to follow company policy and to stop taking refreshments without paying for them  


The best option is answer B.

This situation is designed to measure your integrity and ownership.

In this situation, one of the managers was dishonest for an extended period, violating the company's policy. Therefore, it is best to respond with an active action, however not too drastic, as he is a senior manager.

In answer B, you take an active step to ensure that this behavior will not continue, indicating that the integrity of the employees is of the highest value. The fact that John is a respected manager should not prevent you from dealing with his actions. On the contrary, a manager should set an example for the other workers, making it even more important to address his behavior and clarify the consequences of his acts.

Click to review the other options separately:

Answer (A): Firing the manager is a severe disciplinary action. It shows that you are not willing to compromise on the integrity of your employees, but at the same time, it might be too drastic. John was warned that he might be fired, so it seems reasonable to give him another opportunity before termination, especially since he is valued. In addition, it might be somewhat exaggerated to define the manager’s actions as “stealing.” For these reasons, answer B seems better than A.

Answer (C): This response is the equivalent of doing nothing, which is rarely the correct answer in SJT questions. It is always recommended to choose answers that involve your active decision unless all active actions are causing more harm than good (which is rarely the case). By selecting this response, you indicate that you do not see the severity of the manager’s actions and do not believe that integrity is a critical component in a workplace. Furthermore, it shows little ownership of what is happening around you in the company. P&G is looking for people who accept accountability and treat the company’s assets as their own.

Answer (D): Making John pay for the refreshments will not ensure that he will refrain from his actions in the future. By giving this punishment, you acknowledge that there has been a violation of trust, and you offer John a way to take accountability for his actions. However, it may imply that these actions are forgiven as long as you pay, so it does not address the central issue of violating the confidence that was given to you.

Answer (E): By talking to John and explaining why he should stop acting the way he does, you respect the company's values and want to do the right thing. It is positive to use your communication skills to try and persuade the manager to change his ways. Still, it might not work as he is well aware that his behavior is problematic and is against company policy. For this reason, it is not the best option even though it has positive aspects.

  • P&G Practice Test Question 7 - PEAK Assessment

Review the following statement:

"I am productive and successful in work projects."

A. Strongly disagree

B. Disagree

C. Neutral

D. Agree

E. Strongly Agree


The correct answer is e. Strongly agree.

This statement is one measuring Competence, a quality in the Conscientiousness domain. If you tend to agree with this statement, you’ll be perceived as more competent and efficient in your work, whereas disagreement presents incompetence and the inability to prepare for a given situation. 

Different positions require more or less emphasis on each trait. In this case, being productive and successful is a very important trait if you keep in mind the core P&G values we enlisted above. 

Preparing for the P&G Peak Performance Assessment

Although many think there are no right or wrong answers in personality tests, this is a common misconception as your answers are reviewed in light of the requirements of your position and the company values. Therefore, answering similar questions to the P&G PEAK Performance Assessment while reviewing the meaning of each answer and identifying the one that best reflects the required abilities and values for your position can greatly increase your chance of passing the P&G test. 

Learn more about preparing for the PEAK Performance Assessment.

Complete P&G Online Assessment Practice Tests

The best way to prepare for the P&G interactive assessment and PEAK Performance Assessment, is to practice questions in the same format as the actual test. This will enable you to both experience the challenging test format with questions getting progressively more difficult while time runs out, and to learn how to answer questions quickly and effectively under the tight time limit. 

Our team of psychometric test experts has developed an exclusive online P&G assessment practice pack with true-to-source simulations of all three most common games on the P&G assessment test.

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  • Timed P&G practice tests that generate an infinite number of questions and answers- Switch Challenge, Grid Challenge, Digit Challenge.
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  • PEAK Performance Assessment Practice Tests, with detailed explanations on how to ensure alignment with the P&G core values.  



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 About the Proctor and Gamble Assessment

The Procter and Gamble Assessment test is the cornerstone of the P&G hiring process, and one of the more challenging aptitude tests out there. It is in fact a fully gamified combination of three online assessment tests and a personality test, that together give P&G a picture of your cognitive ability, your ability to manage time, what type of work environment is right for you, and basically whether or not you are right for the organization.

The Proctor and Gamble Assessment is based on the Smartpredict platform by psychometric tests company AON. What makes this platform unique is that it's adaptive, interactive, and gamified. This means that the assessments can adapt themselves live in order to get more meaningful insight into the candidate's abilities. At JobTestPrep, we have created a unique set of practice assessment tests that closely simulate the real test. 

Gamified Assessments have become a popular and unbiased way to evaluate candidates. You can find interactive game-like tests such as the Arctic Shores Assessment,Pymetrics Games, Cognify Test,Emotify Assessment,and the "smartPredict" section of the Cut-e Test

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Procter and Gamble Graduate Programs

P&G uses its assessment test not only for experienced professionals but also for entry-level and grad positions. You can find out more on their grad scheme website.

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