Aon smartPredict Challenges Practice Tests [2020]

What is Aon smartPredict Assessment?

Aon’s smartPredict assessment is comprised of 4 gamified challenges - Switch, Grid, Digit, and Motion challenges. These “games” are short, each of them lasting between 5 to 9 minutes.

switchChallenge Practice Question

The switchChallenge (AKA cut-e Scales sx) measures your deductive-logical thinking through abstract figures that change their order through a funnel or operator. You have 6 minutes (sometimes 3) to solve as many questions as you can.

In each level, you are presented with two rows of symbols (sometimes three rows in more difficult levels). Your goal is to choose the correct operator that made the change in the order of the symbols.

The best way to understand this challenge is to see a sample question and its explanation (from our switch challenge practice test):

Question: Which operator is needed?

P&G Assessment sample question
A. 3214
B. 4131
C. 2341
D. 3241
Correct Answer
Incorrect Answer

The correct answer is (C).

In this question there are two rows of symbols and a missing operator. The operator changes the order of the symbols that appear in the upper row to a new order in the lower row. The digits of the operator represent the symbol according to its position in the upper row before it was changed by the operator. In order to solve this question, you should look at the first symbol of the lower row. Search the position of that symbol in the upper row. This position is the first digit of the operator.

P&G Online Assessment Switch Challenge Sample Question Answer

In this example, a triangle is the first symbol on the lower row. Its position in the upper row is second, so the first digit is 2. You can now mark answer 2341 because it's the only answer that starts with the digit 2. ​

​In case you can’t rule out the other alternatives, you will continue by checking the second symbol in the lower row - a heart. Then check its position in the upper row. Its position is third, so the second digit of the operator is 3. The third symbol is a star, its position in the upper row is fourth, so the next digit is 4. The fourth symbol is a circle, its position in the upper row is first, so the next digit is 1. ​

The correct operator is 2341.

As stated in the explanation above, the operator, consisted of four digits, changes the order of the symbols that appear in the upper row to a new order in the lower row. Each digit represents the previous position of the symbol underneath it, before it was changed. You need to choose the correct operator (out of three alternatives) that changed the order of the symbols according to that rule.

The Switch Challenge is not easy to understand just by reading information. However, practicing the challenge helps greatly, making it a lot easier than it sounds. It is vital to know, that the Switch Challenge can become more difficult as the test progresses, showing you much more complicated questions. The example shown above is of the first level of questions, and in our practice material you can prepare for all the Switch Challenge levels.


The gridChallenge aims to measure executive attention. The challenges throughout the test are comprised of several tasks combined together - memory questions and spatial orientation questions.

You are first shown a grid of dots, with one dot highlighted, and your task is to remember the dot’s location. Then you are shown a basic symmetry question – “Is It Symmetrical?” which you need to answer fast. After that, you are again presented with the original grid, now highlighting another dot. This challenge goes on, showing you between 3 to 5 dots, with symmetry and rotation questions between them. Your goal is to answer all the questions correctly while remembering the dots’ location and order of appearance.

In the following video, you will get a demonstration from our gamified grid challenge practice test:

Play Video preview image
Video preview image


The digitChallenge, or Digit Challenge, measures basic math skills - four operations, not much more. In fact, it is only about addition, subtraction and multiplication. However, instead of being asked straight-up questions, you are shown an answer and you need to complete the missing figures.

Take a look for yourself how it goes:

Play Video preview image
Video preview image


motionChallenge - Coming Soon

The Motion Challenge measures your planning abilities. The gamified test is very similar to the old sliding blocks game called "Rush Hour". At the moment we do not offer preparation for this challenge, but we are working on getting you the right practice very soon.

How to Prepare for the Switch, Grid, Digit, and Motion Challenges?

The Aon smartPredict PrepPack should give you a heads up going into the online assessment. You will get an in-depth look into the different challenges, with practice tests and study guides in all subjects (motion challenge coming very soon).

Take your time, because preparing is essential, as these challenges are nothing you have ever encountered before. 

The PrepPack includes:

  • A new interactive Digit Challenge practice with an infinite number of scenarios
  • Switch Challenge practice test with questions in varying difficulty levels
  • New interactive Grid Challenge practice - you will not find this anywhere else
  • The Switch Challenge and Grid Challenge PDF study guides
  • 11 Extra practice tests to sharpen your math and reasoning skills
  • Motion Challenge practice cooming soon

Familiarizing yourself with the test in advance immensely increases your chances of passing it. Practicing similar gamified questions will give you a very big advantage of your competition!

To learn more about gamified tests and their challenges go to our Game-Based Assessments page. 


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