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The SHL Assessment

The SHL Assessment is a well-known pre-employment test provider built to measure multiple skills required for different positions worldwide. The SHL test you will take will be one of the following:

  1. General Ability Test: The new and famous form of the SHL test is the verify G+ test, which is interactive and includes unique formats of answers – filling pieces of data, dragging graphs, connecting the dots, etc. This test also has a non-interactive version. 
  2. SHL Numerical Reasoning: This test evaluates the ability to interpret and analyze numerical data, including graphs, tables, and charts, to make accurate deductions and calculations. 
  3. SHL Verbal Reasoning: This test evaluates reading comprehension, analysis, and interpretation of written information, such as passages or statements, to assess their ability to understand and draw conclusions from written text. 
  4. SHL Inductive Reasoning: This test assesses the ability to identify patterns and logical rules in sequences or sets of data to predict the next item in a series. 
  5. SHL Deductive Reasoning: This test evaluates the ability to recognize patterns and logical rules based on the given information, demonstrating the ability to think logically and make sound deductions. 
  6. Personality Assessments (OPQ32): This test provides insights into a candidate's personality traits, work preferences, communication style, and interpersonal skills, aiding employers in evaluating cultural fit and job performance potential.
  7. Situational Judgment test (SJT): This test evaluates decision-making skills by presenting candidates with realistic workplace scenarios and assessing their ability to identify appropriate responses or courses of action. 
  8. Mechanical Comprehension: This test evaluates the ability to understand basic mechanical concepts and principles, often through diagrams and scenarios involving tools, machinery, or mechanical systems.
  9. SHL Calculation Test: This is an evaluation of your ability to perform swift and accurate mental arithmetic.
  10. SHL Checking Test: A type of clerical exam intended to ascertain your attention to detail.
  11. SHL Mechanical Comprehension Test: An evaluation of your understanding of mechanical principles and how they apply in technical work environment. 
  12. Aspiring Minds (AMCAT) - an employability test operated by SHL for the Indian job market.


SHL Numerical Reasoning Practice 

Utensil Cost

You recently moved and decided to buy new utensils. Calculate the percentage each type of utensil will cost you if you bought a total of 88 utensils. (rounding to the nearest whole number only in the last step).

*Write whole digits only.


Amount: 25
Price per unit: $3



Amount: 28
Price per unit: $3.5



Amount: 26
Price per unit: $2.5



Amount: -
Price per unit: 50c more expensive than a knife

*Note: In the interactive format of the test you will have to adjust the pie chart based on your calculations.


First, we can see that there is missing data regarding tablespoons, so to calculate the required percentages we must first retrieve the relevant data:

Amount of tablespoons purchased: 88-25-28-22=9
Price of single tablespoon: $3.5+$0.5=$4

Now that we have all of the data we need, we want to calculate the total cost of each utensil so we can calculate the total cost of all utensils, and through that the percentage that each utensil accounts for.

Total cost of forks: 25*3=$75
Total cost of knives: 28*3.5=$98
Total cost of teaspoons: 26*2.5=$65
Total cost of tablespoons: 9*4=$36

Total cost of utensils: 75+98+65+36=$274

Now that we have calculated the cost of each utensil, we can calculate what percentage of the total cost each utensil is worth:

Fork cost percentage: (75/274)*100=27.37% ≈27%
Knife cost percentage: (98/274)*100=35.77% ≈36%
Teaspoon cost percentage: (65/274)*100=23.72% ≈24%

Note that we only need to calculate 3 percentages, and we can get the final percentage by subtracting the 3 we calculated from the 100% total:

Tablespoon cost Percentage: 100%-24%-27%-36%=13%

In the interactive format, your answer will look something like this:

Shl answer

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SHL Deductive Reasoning Practice

Team Training - Schedule

Next month each team will spend four consecutive weekdays with an organizational psychologist for a team training and development session. Sessions cannot be scheduled at the same time. When does the Marketing department start and finish their training period?

SHL question deductive



28 29 30 31 1 2
3 4 5 6 7 8


10 11 12 13 14 15


17 18 19 20 21 22


24 25 26 27




*Note: In the interactive format of the test you will have to select your response by clicking the dates that fit.


The question asks you to select two dates, the start and finish dates of Marketing’s team training session.

Let’s break down the statements, step by step:

First, integrate statements that refer to one another and create a list:

Product should be scheduled after HR: HR->Product

Data is before or after Product: Data-> Product or Product->Data.

Since you know HR has to be the team that immediately precedes Product, then the correct order would be Product->Data

Taken together, so far we have: HR->Product->Data – these teams should be scheduled immediately one after the other.

Second, organize possible lists:

The other two departments that are not scheduled yet are Marketing and Software development. According to Software Development’s statement, these two departments can’t be scheduled one after the other. Therefore, they will be in the first and last spots of the line.

 The options are:

Marketing-> HR->Product->Data->Software Development


Software Development-> HR->Product->Data >Marketing


Marketing is not available on the 5th though, meaning they can’t be first in line.

As a result, Marketing will be the last team to do their training.

Third, choose the correct time frame

Counting every 4 consecutive weekdays, there are 5 slots:

(1) 1,4,5,6
(2) 7,8,11,12
(3) 13,14,15,18
(4) 19,20,21,22
(5) 25,26,27,28.

The last training session will be scheduled between the 25th and 28th, so these would be the first and last training days of the Marketing team.




28 29 30 31 1 2
3 4 5 6 7 8


10 11 12 13 14 15


17 18 19 20 21 22




26 27


1 2

SHL Inductive Reasoning Practice 

Complete the sequence and connect the nodes by writing the numbers from 1 to 10 in the blanks below the node you wish to connect next. The first three nodes in the sequence are already numbered correctly.

SHL Inductive Question

*Note: In the interactive format of the test you will have to connect the nodes yourself, using the mouse.


In this question, the given connected nodes are 0Z -> 1A -> 1Y -> 2B and a dashed arrow instructing you to connect 2B to 3X.

As can be seen, each node contains a number and a letter. The letters are alternating between moving backwards starting with the last letter – Z and moving forward starting with the first letter A: Z -> A -> Y -> B -> X and so forth.

The numbers are changing in the following way: The sum of each two previous numbers is the third number: 0 + 1 = 1, 1 + 1 = 2, 1 + 2 = 3, 2 + 3 = 5 and so forth.


On the first step: 0Z -> 1A

On the second step: 1A -> 1Y

On the third step: 1Y -> 2B

On the fourth step: 2B -> 3X and so forth.

 3X -> 5C -> 8W -> 13D ->21V

*Since the correct sequence includes all nodes, make sure not to leave any node unconnected.

Inductive Answer

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What is the Best Way to Study for the SHL?

Preparing for the SHL test requires a comprehensive approach due to its varied sections such as numerical reasoning, verbal reasoning, and logical reasoning. The test often presents challenging questions within a limited time frame, necessitating efficient time management skills. Since each section demands different cognitive abilities, it's crucial to practice extensively to enhance proficiency across all areas. Focus on understanding the test format and types of questions asked while honing problem-solving techniques under timed conditions.

Prioritize areas of weakness, utilize SHL's practice materials, and seek out study guides tailored to the test. By simulating test conditions, reviewing mistakes, and staying calm under pressure, you can optimize your preparation for success on the SHL test.

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