50 Wonderlic Test Practice Questions and Answers [2024]
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The most common Wonderlic test questions focus on Math and Verbal Reasoning. Less commonly used are Abstract Reasoning, General Knowledge, and Error-Checking questions. Here you'll find all of them.

Free Wonderlic Practice Test (First Section)

The Wonderlic test sample questions in this category assess an individual's ability to perform basic math operations, like addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division. Some might also test knowledge of percentages, ratios, and word problems. The main difficulty is accurately solving these questions within the time limit (14-16 seconds for each question).

Here are 6 Math Wonderlic Test questions and answers mirroring the ones you’ll see on your test.

  • Math Question #1- Fraction Value

Which of the following is the smallest number:

a. 5/8

b. 0.625

c. 2.5

d. 1/3

e. 1.75


The correct answer is D.

Start by eliminating all the answer choices that are greater than 1.

Without precise conversion, we know that both 5/8 and 0.625 are more than half since (since 4\8 = 0.5) and 1/3 is less than half. by understanding that 1/3 is less than half, we can quickly identify it as the smallest number among the options without needing to convert each number to a common form.



  • Math Question #2- Word Problems

If it takes one person 6 hours to load a truck, while another person can complete the task in one quarter the time, how many hours will it take both of them to load a truck while working together?

a. 5/6 of an hour

b. 1-hour

c. 1 1/5 hours

d. 1.5 hours


The correct answer is C. work/rate=time

1 truck/(rate of worker 1 +rate of worker 2)

Worker 1
It takes him 6 hours to load a truck, therefore he loads 1/6 of a truck per hour.

Worker 2
Worker 2 can complete the job in one-quarter of the time worker 1 can. Therefore his rate of truck per hour is:
(1/6)×4 of a truck per hour=4/6 of a truck per hour

Rate of worker 1 + rate of worker 2:

Therefore, the number of hours it will take them to load the truck together is equal to:
(1 truck)/(5/6 of a truck per hour) = 6/5 hours
= 1 1/5 hours.


  • Math Question #3- Data Visualization

Dr. John’s grades on five consecutive tests were 100, 80, 80, 80, and 100. Which of the graphs below best represents Dr. John's grades?

data visualization wonderlic


The correct answer is D.

View the Full Solution:

Dr. John’s highest score is 100, and he scored it on the first and last tests. Thus, accordingly, we are looking for a graph in which the first and last values are equal and located at the highest point. Graphs A and E can be eliminated since their first and last points are not the same height.

Next, you know that the second, third, and fourth scores are equal. Thus, the slope of the line that connects these points must be zero. In graphs B, C, and F the slopes of the lines that connect the second, third, and fourth points are negative, and therefore these graphs can be eliminated as well.

The only option left is D, and indeed, in graph D the first and last scores are at the same height, and the line that connects the three middle points has a slope of zero. Therefore, D is marked as the correct answer.


  • Math Question #4

A train travels 90 miles in 15 minutes; how many miles does it travel in 2 hours?

A. 542

B. 720

C. 789

D. 800

E. 942

F. None of these


The correct answer is B.

View an explanation of the quickest solution

The correct answer is (B) - 720

15 minutes are a 1/4 of an hour. To reach 2 hours from a 1/4 of an hour we need to multiply by 8. Because the time is multiplied by 8 we also multiply the distance traveled by 8:

90 X 8 = 720 miles



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Math Question #5

A football coach is building his team. He has four quarterback options and three possible centers. He also has to select one assistant coach from two candidates. How many possible teams can he build?

1. 144

2. 24

3. 12

4. 6

5. 3

Answer: The correct answer is B.

View the Full Explanation

The coach has four quarterback options, three possible centers, and two candidates for assistant coach. Start with the quarterback: Let's say the coach selects quarterback A.

He now has three options for a center. If he selects quarterback B, he would still have three options for a center.

Thus, for every quarterback option, the coach has three center options. Overall, he has 4*3 options to select a quarterback and center.

Now, the coach needs to select an assistant. For every one of the quarterback + center combinations, the coach has two options for an assistant.

Thus, overall, he has 4*3*2=24 options in selecting his team, and the correct answer is 24.


Math Question #6

A school play's production costs are $20 per costume and $35 per set.

How much money will it cost to produce a school play that requires 13 costumes and 7 sets?

a. 75$

b. 375$

c. 505$

d. 595$


The correct answer is (C).

13 costumes at $20 each is 13 × $20 = $260.

7 sets at $35 each is 7 × $35 = 245.

The total cost to produce the school play is $260 + $245 = $505.


How to Practice for The Wonderlic Math Section?

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Next, we’ll move on to the next question type in the test – verbal questions. The difference between these questions and the previous ones is that there is no calculation required, but rather a quick reading ability, and solid knowledge of English and reasoning skills. Let’s continue.

Wonderlic Verbal Practice Questions

These questions evaluate the test taker's understanding of written material, vocabulary, and ability to discern relationships between words.

Here are 6 verbal practice questions, highly similar to the ones you’ll see on your Wonderlic exam.

  • Verbal Question #1- Analogies

AUTHOR is to CHAPTER, as _____ is to PRISM.







The correct answer is B.

An author writes chapters to construct a book, just as triangular faces come together to form a pyramid, which is a type of prism.


  • Verbal Question #2-  Vocabulary Questions

Which THREE of the following have similar meanings?

a. Illuminate

b. Lighten

c. Brighten

d. Clarify

e. Enlighten


The correct answer is A, B, and C.

Illuminate, lighten, and brighten all have meanings related to making something more luminous or filled with light.

💡Quick Solving Tip: When answering such a question – start by finding the “common ground” – at least two words with the same meaning, by brief scanning. As soon as you find those – eliminating Wonderlic test answers becomes easier – since you know what to look for. In terms of which answers to begin with (chronically, longer, shorter, etc.), our best advice is – to find a method that works best for you while practicing and continue using it all the way to the test.


  • Verbal Question #3- Synonyms & Antonyms

What is the opposite word of the word marked in bold?

Her remarks were noted for their brevity, making every word count in her concise speech.

a. Terse

b. Verbosity

c. Laconism

d. Succinctness


The correct answer is B.

Brevity refers to the quality of expressing much in few words or being concise. "Verbosity" is the quality of using more words than needed, making it the opposite of brevity.


  • Verbal Question #4- Sentence Structure

Rearrange the following words to make a complete sentence. Which word should come just before "stars"?


a. Shine

b. Brightly

c. The

d. Will

e. Tonight


The correct answer is C.

To rearrange the words "shine brightly the will stars tonight" into a complete sentence, the sentence likely means to convey that the stars will shine brightly tonight. Therefore, the correct arrangement would be "The stars will shine brightly tonight."

Based on this arrangement, the word that comes just before "stars" is "The."


  • Verbal Question #5- Vocabulary Questions

The words "Benevolent" and "Malevolent" have _____ meaning.

a. similar

b. contradictory

c. unrelated


The correct answer is B.

The words "benevolent" and "malevolent" have opposite meanings. "Benevolent" describes someone who is well-meaning and kindly, showing goodwill and a desire to do good. "Malevolent" describes someone who has or shows a wish to do evil to others, indicating ill will or harmful intentions. so the correct answer is B - contradictory


  • Verbal Question #6- Analogies

The words in the first pair are related in a certain way. Choose the word that completes the second pair so that the words are related in the same way.

polygon → rectangle : element →

A. Sides
B. Chemistry
C. Weather
D. Substance
E. Oxygen



The correct answer is: Oxygen.

A rectangle is a type of polygon, like oxygen is a type of element.



Wonderlic Scoring: Different positions require different minimal scores on the test. In the full version, each question is worth a single point, while in the QuickTest, each question is worth 1.66 points. A good general score on the test is 26+ (more than 50% of questions) and 31+ will be sufficient for nearly all positions. For most, this score can only be achieved by learning and practicing the most efficient solution strategies.


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After you completed the two major question types in the Wonderlic Cognitive test – We’ll move on to different question types, which may be less frequent, but no less important to practice. Our first topic will be Logical Reasoning - where the common sense of logic will play an important role.

Wonderlic Logical Reasoning Sample Questions

This section measures an individual's ability to discern patterns, sequences, or relationships among sets of information. It might involve determining the next item in a sequence or identifying an odd item out.

Here are five reasoning practice questions highly similar to those in the official Wonderlic test.


  • Reasoning Question #1- Number Series

What is the next number in the series?

1/3 | 3/7 | 7/15 | 15/31 | ?

a. 31/63

b. 32/64

c. 31/65

d. 32/66


The correct answer is A.

View the Full Solution:

1/3 X 2/2 = 2/6 -> (2+1)/(6+1) = 3/7

3/7 X 2/2 = 6/14 -> (6+1)/(14+1) = 7/15

7/15 X 2/2 = 14/30 -> (14+1)/(30+1) = 15/31

15/31 X 2/2 = 30/62 -> (30+1)/(62+1) = 31/63

Therefore, the next number in the series is 31/63.


💡 Solving tip:

When it is finding the rule is complex and requires multiple stages, it may be useful to work via the distracters. Figure out the steps needed to receive each distracter and then check which rule can be applied successfully to the rest of the items in the series.


  • Reasoning Question #2- Shape Series

Choose the correct answer to the following series: 












The correct answer is C.

The line rotates clockwise around the little square, increasing the number of steps between one diagram to the other in the series. Between diagrams 1 and 2, it moves a single step. Between diagrams 2 and 3, it moves two steps, and so on.


  • Reasoning Question #3-Deductive Questions

If the first two statements are true, is the final statement true?

  • All construction workers wear helmets on site.
  • All engineers wear helmets on site.

It is mandatory to wear helmets on site.

a. Yes

b. No

c. Cannot Say


The correct answer is C.

We have yet to learn the rules on the construction site, even though some of the workers may have a common habit of wearing a helmet. It is possible that only specific workers (construction and engineers) are required to wear a helmet or that workers wear helmets without it being mandatory. Therefore, the answer is “Cannot Say”.


  • Reasoning Question #4-Deductive Questions

If the first two statements are true, is the final statement true?

  • All frying pans are yellow.
  • Few spatulas are black.

A random set of a spatula and a frying pan may be comprised of at least one color.

a. Yes

b. No

c. Cannot say


The correct answer is A.

The frying pans come in one color and one color only, so we have to examine the spatulas. We do not know anything about spatulas having to be a specific color (the fact that few of them are black does not affect the final statement), so a spatula may come in a variety of colors. Although it may come in a variety of different colors, we are asked about the possibility of one specific color. Since the spatula can be colored yellow, the final statement is correct and the correct answer is A.


  • Reasoning Question #5-Deductive Questions

If the first two statements are true, is the final statement true?

  • Most aquariums are square-shaped.
  • Mantis shrimp and red catfish can live only in blue aquariums.

Red catfish cannot survive in a square, green aquarium.

A. Yes.

B. No.

C. Cannot say.


The correct answer is A, yes. From the second claim, we see that red catfish cannot live in an aquarium that is not colored blue. The final statement strengthens this claim and states that a red catfish cannot survive in a green aquarium. Thus, the final statement is correct.


Reasoning questions require applying logic to solve problems. These questions require focus, a keen eye for details, and quick thinking – which can be achieved via practice. Wonderlic Practice tests in the same format as the official test’s time limit, to improve your ability to solve these questions quickly enough, can be found in our Wonderlic Test PrepPack.


The next type of questions is Spatial Reasoning. These questions require the ability to visualize, understand patterns, and predict the movement of 2D and 3D objects.

Spatial Reasoning Questions

These questions gauge the ability to understand and manipulate shapes or patterns. This might involve determining how a shape would look when rotated or discerning a pattern among a set of objects.

Here are 5 Spatial Wonderlic test questions mirroring the ones you’ll see in the official test. 


  • Spatial Reasoning Question #1

Which choices include patterns that are NOT included in the frame?













The correct answers are C and E. 

View The Full Solution

The logic: In this problem, you must select which frames include patterns that are NOT in the exact same position as the question’s frame.
It is difficult to apprehend only a portion of a pattern without having an adjacent reference, making this problem complex.
It is important to remember that one single element that does not fit the original pattern is enough to eliminate an option.
In the third option, the colors of the filled-in triangles are opposite compared to the original pattern.
In the fifth option, the colors of the middle square’s triangles are swapped compared to the original pattern.

  • Spatial Reasoning Question #2

After folding the following frames into a closed cube, which marked corner will touch the X?


a. A

b. B

c. C

d. D

e. E


The correct answer is C.

Option 1- mentally fold the cube to find the location of all marked corners: 



Option 2- eliminate options: 

  • Since each corner can touch only two corners – every corner in a rectangle which touches the rectangle with the X can be disqualified (except the one which touches the X before folding – and that corner is unmarked) – disqualifying wonderlic assessment answers D and E.
  • Next, we can disqualify B since it is 2 rectangles away from X in line – meaning the two rectangles do not share corners.
  • Finally, between A and C – fold only the two relevant rectangles – which clearly demonstrates that X touches the C-marked corner.
    That solution technique is quicker than completely folding the cube – however, it requires practicing different shapes to understand the folding of the rectangles instinctively.


  • Spatial Reasoning Question #3

Which THREE choices are needed to create the figure on the left? Only pieces of the same color may overlap.


a. A

b. B

c. C

d. D

e. E


The correct answers are: B, C, and E

If you place figures B, C, and E one on top of the other, the figure on the left is created. 

To find the correct solution quickly ask yourself the following questions: 
Which figures cannot be part of the solution? 

  • Option A cannot be part of the solution because it has a green tile in the bottom left corner instead of a grey tile. Thus, this option can be eliminated. 
    Which figures must be part of the solution? 
  • Option B is the only figure containing the brown tile in the middle, and therefore it must be part of the solution.
  • Option C has to be a part of the solution because, of the remaining options, it is the only figure which contains grey tiles (option A also includes them, but it was eliminated).
  • Option E must also be part of the correct answer as it is the only figure with red and green tiles in the right column. 


Spatial questions can be very time-consuming without proper preparation. However, getting used to this kind of thinking, knowing when to use shortcuts and practicing a variety of Wonderlic test questions can improve your orientation and make these questions quite easy and quick to answer. Guides, tips, and practice questions can be found in our Wonderlic PrepPack.



  • Spatial Reasoning Question #4 

Which THREE choices are needed to create the figure on the left? Only pieces of the same color may overlap.

Wonderlic Graph Reasoning

A. a

B. b

C. c

D. d

E. e


The correct answers are: C, D, and E.

If you place figures C, D, and E one on top of the other, the figure on the left is created.
To find the correct solution quickly, ask yourself the following questions:

Which figures cannot be part of the solution?

In this case, no option includes a distinctive feature to help us eliminate it instantly. Therefore, we will continue to the next step.

Which figures must be part of the solution?

Option C must be part of the solution because it is the only figure containing the upper right brown tile. Option E must also be part of the solution as it is the only figure which contains the bottom right purple tile.

Now, after combining options C and E, we need to choose the option that will complete the remaining tiles.

wonderlic graph reasoning answer

Option D is the only option that completes the pattern, and thus it is the correct answer.


  • Spatial Reasoning Question #5

Choose the mirror image of the shape.

mirror image question wonderlic
mirro image option wonderlic



The correct shape is: 

mirror image answer wonderlic



Next are Checking Questions. Those questions require identifying differences between two sets of numbers/letters. You must be focused, pay attention to details, and work methodically.

Wonderlic Error-Checking Questions

Questions in this category might involve spotting minute differences in a group of items or finding errors in given sets of information.

Here are 5 typical Cheking Wonderlic example questions.


  • Error Checking Question #1

How many of the pairs below are exact duplicates?

557842                                557842

2846995                               2846975

50334847                             50334847

679865411                           679865411

8744521398                         8745421398


a. 1

b. 2

c. 3

d. 4

e. 5


The correct answer is C.

The first, third, and fourth pairs are identical.

The second pair: 2846995              2846975

The fifth pair: 8744521398              8745421398


  • Error Checking Question #2

How many of the pairs below are exact duplicates?

Roberts, O. S.                     Robert, O. S.

Steiner, Y. P.                       Stener, Y. P.

Brownstone, A. R.            Brownstone, B. R.

Bernadette, P. I.               Bernadete, P. I.

Schwartz, T. Y.                   Schwartz, T. Y.

a. 1

b. 2

c. 3

d. 4

e. 5


The correct answer is A.

The fifth pair is identical. 

  • The first pair: Roberts, O. S.                          Robert, O. S.
  • The second pair: Steiner, Y. P.                       Stener, Y. P.
  • The third pair: Brownstone, A. R.               Brownstone, B. R.
  • The fourth pair: Bernadette, P. I.                 Bernadete, P. I.



  • Error Checking Question #3

How many of the pairs below are exact matches for car models?

Toyota Camry XLE         Toyota Camary XLE

Honda Accord LX           Honda Accord LX

Ford Mustang GT           Ford Mustang G.T.

Chevrolet Malibu LS       Chevrolet Malibo LS

Nissan Altima SV           Nissan Altima S.V.


a. 1

b. 2

c. 3

d. 4

e. 5


Only the "Honda Accord LX" pair matches exactly. The others differ due to spelling errors or punctuation, disqualifying them as exact matches. Thus, the correct answer is (a) 1.


  • Error Checking Question #4

How many of the pairs below are precisely the same flower names?

Sunflower, Tall Yellow             Sunflower, Tall Yello

Rose, Climbing Crimson         Rose, Climbing Crimson

Daisy, White Shasta              Daisy, White Shasta

Tulip, Red Emperor               Tulip, Read Emperor

Lily, Oriental Stargazer         Lilly, Oriental Stargazer


a. 1

b. 2

c. 3

d. 4

e. 5


The correct answer is B


- The first pair is incorrect due to a missing 'w' in "Yello."
- The second and third pairs are exact matches.
- The fourth pair has a typo, "Read" instead of "Red."
- The fifth pair has an extra 'l' in "Lilly."

Only two pairs match perfectly.



  • Error Checking Question #5

How many of the following pairs of world capital names are spelled correctly and match each other exactly?

Caracas, Venezuela         Caraccas, Venezuela

Helsinki, Finland             Helsinky, Finland

Nairobi, Kenya                Nairobi, Kenya

Budapest, Hungary         Budappest, Hungary

Canberra, Australia         Canberra, Australia


a. 1

b. 2

c. 3

d. 4

e. 5


The correct answer is B


-The first pair doesn't match due to an extra 'c' in "Caraccas."
-The second is incorrect because "Helsinky" should be "Helsinki."
-The third and fifth pairs, "Nairobi, Kenya" and "Canberra, Australia," are correct and match.
-The fourth pair is wrong because of an extra 'p' in "Budappest."

So, only 2 pairs are exact matches with correct spelling.


Checking questions requires attention to detail. The pairs are mostly long and confusing, and the differences are very mild. We recommend a methodical approach to these questions – check one pair at a time. Once you have found a difference or completed the pair – immediately continue without double-checking to avoid time waste. To improve on these questions, you can find practice questions with different information in our Wonderlic PrepPack.


For more error-checking questions, try out our USPS Practice Test (474-477).


The last question type that can be found in the Wonderlic Personnel Test is General Knowledge Questions. These questions may include questions regarding months, abbreviations, geography, and more.

General Knowledge Questions

This category tests a person's general knowledge about the world, including basic historical or factual information that an average adult might be expected to know.

Here are 3 examples of common general knowledge questions. 

  • General Knowledge Question #1

Which of the following months has exactly 31 days?

a. April

b. February

c. September

d. May

e. November


The correct answer is D.

April, September, and November all have exactly 30 days.

February has 28 days (or 29 days once every four years).

May is the only month with exactly 31 days.


  •  General Knowledge Question #2

Is CSI a common abbreviation for Customer Satisfaction Index?

a. Yes

b. No


The correct answer is B.

CSI is a common abbreviation for Crime Scene Investigation, typically associated with forensic science and examining crime scenes. While it is possible that it may be an abbreviation for Customer Satisfaction Index, it is not a common abbreviation, and therefore the answer is No.

  •  General Knowledge Question #3

What is the freezing point of water on the Fahrenheit scale?

a. 0 degrees.

b. 32 degrees.

c. 100 degrees.

D. 212 degrees.


The correct answer is B.

Water freezes at 32 degrees Fahrenheit according to the Fahrenheit temperature scale.



Common Knowledge questions are unique. You can’t know exactly what you will be asked, and it is very difficult to prepare for those questions. However, there are more common questions that can be found, similar in format to the ones presented here. Additional practice questions similar to the general knowledge required can be found in the free Wonderlic test PDF with answers page or our Wonderlic PrepPack.

Play Wonderlic Test 2023 - Learn How to Ace This Cognitive Test
Wonderlic Test 2023 - Learn How to Ace This Cognitive Test


Now that you're familiarized with the different Wonderlic questions and you have been introduced to different solving techniques, it is time to begin your practice.

Practicing multiple times for each question type in narrow time frames, and practicing full simulations will increase your abilities and you score like nothing else. Without knowledge of all solving techniques and tips, and methodical practice, it is very difficult to achieve high scores. For a price starting at 89$, you can buy our comprehensive PrepPack, ensuring a substantial improvement before the test.

Our Complete Wonderlic Preparation Pack  includes comprehensive preparation material, including:

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  • 4 Wonderlic QuickTest simulations
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Free Wonderlic Online Test (Second Section)

In this section, you'll come across 20 free practice questions that mimic the format of the actual Wonderlic online test (WPT-Q).



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