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What is the Raven's Matrices Test?

The Raven's Matrices Test (also known as the Raven's Progressive Matrices Test) is a renowned non-verbal assessment tool designed to evaluate abstract reasoning and fluid intelligence. This popular test is highly regarded for its ability to measure intellectual capacity and cognitive abilities without cultural bias. 

The test measures unique cognitive abilities – mostly logic, pattern recognition, and induction. The questions include different complete patterns figures in matrices – with multiple answering options. The test consists of a series of increasingly complex visual geometric designs, where test-takers must identify the missing element to complete the patterns.

Note: It is crucial to review many examples of different figures and recognize a variety of common patterns (such as clockwise movement, changing of shapes, and increasing/decreasing numbers).

Free Raven's Progressive Matrices Practice Test

In the following Raven's Progressive Matrices problem, you have a 2x2 matrix of shapes that follow a specific pattern or rule. Your task is to figure out the rule and determine which shape completes the matrix.


  • Sample Question 1

In the following Raven's Progressive Matrices problem, you have a 3x3 matrix of shapes that follow a specific pattern or rule.

Observe the following progressive matrix and identify the pattern.

raven matrices q1

Choose the correct answer:


raven matrices q1 o1
raven matrices q1 o2
raven matrices q1 o3
raven matrices q1 o4
raven matrices q1 o6
Correct Answer
Incorrect Answer

Answer: The correct answer is:

raven matrices q1 a1

The second image in the first two rows is the result of removing a small square from the bottom rectangle in the first image and the third image is the result of removing another small square from the bottom rectangle in the second image. Thus, the third image in the bottom row must be the result of removing a small rectangle from the bottom line of the second image.


  • Sample Question 2

In the following question, you will see a 2x2 matrix of shapes that follows an easy-to-spot pattern.

Carefully examine the progressive matrix and determine the correct pattern.



Choose the correct answer:



The correct answer is:

Note that the patterns are diagonally mirrored from one box to its diagonal counterpart. The first image in the bottom row is the result of mirroring the first image in the top row over the x-axis. Thus, the second image in the bottom row must be the result of mirroring the second image in the top row over the x-axis.


  • Sample Question 3

In the following question, you do not have detailed matrices to focus on; rather, you need cognitive ability to identify the correct pattern that completes the figure.

Observe the image carefully matrix and choose the answer that continues the pattern.


Choose the correct answer:


The correct answer is:

The straight solid lines seem to bend in and then out, and the dotted lines going up and down bend only inwards. So, the right answer should show the straight solid lines curving in and out, and the dotted up and down lines curving in.

  • Sample Question 4

In the following Raven's Progressive Matrix, you should identify the patterns of shapes and figures across rows and columns.

Analyze the common figures and determine the correct pattern.

Choose the correct answer:


The correct answer is:

In each line of pictures, the second one is made by pushing the three parts from the first one closer. And the third picture in the first two lines shows those parts stacked inside each other.

Therefore, for the last picture on the bottom line, you should stack the three parts from the first picture inside each other.

Practice for the Raven's Progressive Matrices Test

Now that you know about the different kinds of Raven's Matrix questions and how to tackle them, it's time to not waste any more time and keep practicing.

To ensure you get an excellent score in your assessment, we have designed a Raven Matrices Test Practice PrepPack™ that simulates the actual test and guarantees over 150+ matrices practice questions to improve your result. For $89, you can get our full package that will improve your test result and teach you how to recognize common shapes and patterns.

All our test simulations include detailed results and explanations like the following:


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  • Bonus Sample Question 5: Complete the Pattern 

This additional question has been taken from our Raven's Matrices Assessment PrepPack, designed to enhance your pattern recognition skills through a variety of question types and examples.

Carefully examine the diverse shapes within the boxes and determine the correct pattern.

Choose the correct answer:


The correct answer is:

Each diagram can be seen as a series of triangles around a horizontal axis. At each step, the right hand triangle relocates to the beginning of the sequence causing a shift to the right.

Have you been invited for a Raven's Coloured Progressive Matrices (CPM) assessment instead? The Raven's CPM test targets younger or considerably older candidates by using shapes mainly against colored backgrounds for visual stimulation. 

Types of Raven's Progressive Matrices Tests:

  • Raven's Standard Progressive Matrices (SPM): This version of the Raven test consists of items that become increasingly difficult. It is designed to measure above-average intelligence and is often used for educational and occupational assessments.
  • Raven's Advanced Progressive Matrices (APM): The advanced form of the Raven's test, APM is geared towards assessing higher levels of fluid intelligence. It is used for individuals with above-average cognitive abilities, featuring more complex patterns and a higher item difficulty.
  • Raven's Colored Progressive Matrices (CPM): Designed for younger children and the elderly, the CPM test uses visually stimulating, colored backgrounds to make the assessment more engaging. This form is particularly effective in minimizing cultural bias and is often used in diverse settings.

💡Useful Tips for Solving Raven's Matrices:

  • Speed and Accuracy: Quickly and correctly recognize patterns, focusing on spatial reasoning and progressive matrices.

  • Time Management: Keep track of time constraints.

  • Complexity Awareness: Anticipate an increase in question complexity as you progress.

  • Pattern Recognition: Master the identification of recurring patterns, crucial for these tasks.

  • Shape Familiarity: Become comfortable with various shapes, such as circles, triangles, and rectangles.

  • Rotation Direction: Note rotational movements, which can be clockwise or counter-clockwise.

  • Line Orientation: Observe line placement and direction within the shapes.

  • Color Shifts: Watch for color changes, especially in common colors like black and white.

  • Row and Column Patterns: Identify consistent patterns across rows and distinct patterns down columns.

Pass the Raven's Matrices Test

If you practice Raven's Matrices questions again and again, especially under time-pressure, you'll get better and your scores will go up, a lot. It's tough to get a high score if you don't know all the tricks and don't practice sufficiently for it!

Our comprehensive Raven's Matrices Assessment PrepPack includes:

  • Full Raven's Matrices study guide
  • 5 Full Raven's Matrices simulations
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What is the purpose of the Raven's Progressive Matrices Test?

The Raven's test measures fluid intelligence, which includes abstract reasoning, cognitive thinking, problem-solving, and pattern recognition skills. It is widely used to assess intellectual capacity without the influence of language skills.

What types of questions are on the Raven's Advanced Progressive Matrices?

The advanced progressive matrices include more complex patterns and higher item difficulty levels. These questions require advanced problem-solving abilities and are designed for individuals with above-average intelligence.

How does Raven's test minimize cultural bias?

As a non verbal test tool, the Raven's Progressive Matrices Test relies on visual geometric designs rather than language-based questions, making it less susceptible to cultural and linguistic biases.

Can practice improve my score on the Raven's test?

Yes, practice can significantly improve your performance. By familiarizing yourself with the test formats and developing your analytical skills, you can achieve higher scores standardized tests and demonstrate greater cognitive capacity.


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